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Paramoloch in Sorna


This isn’t a rant or anything, but just wondering. Has anyone else who is in mid to low Sorna Marshes noticed the increase of Paramoloch? I usually can’t go at most 3 matches without seeing one. :joy:

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It is logical. Paramoloch is a good creature that is very difficult to achieve because the Stygimoloch is basically obtained in incubators and lately they come out a lot. I have been playing for many months and had not managed to have a paramoloch. In contrast, in the last month I managed to create it and evolve it to 19, earning the right to enter my team.

A second possible cause is that until recently it was very difficult to find Parasaulophus and people prioritized the creation of tragodistis. Now that they appear more parasaulophus (at least in zone 4) and that it is almost impossible to find eulocephalus (in any area) I suppose that people have decided to use the precious DNA of Parasaulophus also in the creation of Paramoloch …

or so I think :slight_smile:


I faced them several times in Lockdown.


We had to do something with all the stygi dna being thrown at us.


Paramoloch is awesome has never left my team probley never will


Vips get guranteed stiggy dna in every defeat 10 creatures quest… it adds up quick… i have a level 17 stiggy and am sitting on another 500 stiggy dna…my problem is i only hit a close by l4 like 1-2 times a week and id rather be using the limited parar dna on my tragod.


I hate Paramoloch more than any other dinosaur in current existence.