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PARAMOLOCH of JWTG Concept art

Remember the STYGIMOLOCH GEN 2 (Tournament tier) i made before? Today i make the very Shiny Hybrid!!! I present to you the PARAMOLOCH!!! The Combination of PARASAUROLOPHUS GEN 2 and STYGIMOLOCH GEN 2,Here is the Concept art!!! Check it out:


Very colorful at level 30-40 this is just one of the reasons I didn’t like the indoraptor gen 2… but the art its ok :+1:

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Are you editing pre existing models of these creatures?

Try de-saturating the image. Turn the luminosity down a touch.

They look cool but there’s a lot of clipping on the white end of the spectrum.

It’s cool though. Keep it up.


Check this out. Popped your colours a bit.