Paramoloch the new Stegoceratops?


So I would like yalls opinions…,I’m facing more and more paramoloch and it seems she is the new Stegoceratops. Do y’all think it wise to add her to your team now? Didn’t she used to be always on the sidelines? Is that still the case?


I use both Stegoceratops and Paramoloch cause I don’t have anything better to replace them with.


It depends. Stegocero does much more damage than para but para has better stunning chance. I’d say that para is more RNG dependent, while stegocero does quite a bit of damage even if the stuns didn’t land.


Fought my first paramoloch today…

It’s a rather angry little grape isn’t it?

Hashtag new goal


That made me literally lol…angry little grape! =D


Why did I imagine hardaport saying that while sitting on a huge chair sipping tea with their pinky out??? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Para has enough HP to tank a couple of hits. This means you can (or should I say HAVE TO) open with her min stun, 20% aint terrible, tank a hit and follow up with greater stun then priority stun then rampage and run. This can leave you with a dead opponent dino, a fresh Dino in and a para on the bench with half life in an emergency.


Not very effective against immunes.


It depends on what dinos you have already in your team. My stegoceratopo and Paramoloch are in the bench right now, but they did great on my team, before hitting high Sorna Marshes.


I felt the high stunning effect of this dino is just too much, whether i stunned others or being stunned, it doesn’t add any fun to the play.
Nobody wish to be stunned from start to end, game play becomes annoying and frustrating.


Well, I think Stegoceratops internal stats really need to be relooked. Even it’s basic attack can stun multiple times. All dinosaurs that have stun attacks, regardless of % chance, all seems to not beat it at the probability of stunning! :thinking:


I love using paramoloch, I still think she should have superiority strike instead of low stunning


And no one could say its op in any way, the people that say that probably have trago in their team


I’m afraid I’m not that posh.