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Paramoloch, Trago or Stegogod

Which one should I make

  • Stegodeus
  • Paramoloch
  • Tragodistis

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Stegod or Tragod. I wouldn’t recommend Paramoloch cause it’s super hybrid is trash and it gets useless as the game goes on.

Trago is good but it has never done all that well for me. Stegodeus is good but after a while just doesn’t keep up. Paramoloch though has done me well for a good while and I voted for that. Ultimately you need to examine each and decide for yourself.

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I voted for para simply because it’s dna doesn’t conflict with stego - you should do both of them. And I’d rather have the unique used with para - as trashy as he is than trago. Tuoramoluch at lvl 21 can handle a 23 trago


I think Gigaspika is nice this meta.

Except the Thor and Tryko, it does good against other small dinos.

And pinning to have dinos under control.

I’m already using TraGod and Akinfenwa too often in the arena but Paramoloch feels lika a waste of DNA, specifically because it dies in 2 or 3 hits unless its stuns land perfectly

Trago is the superior choice imo, stegodeus is also very good

Paramoloch lets you know how often 75% stun chance can fail. It does have great damage and HP though

Tragod is hands down the best tank if played right. And if the stun works :smile:

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Why not create all 3? :man_shrugging:

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It depends on what your aim for this game is. If it’s to a) have fun and progress short-term without being obsessed then Tragod would be your choice. However Neither Stegod nor Tragod have uniques (yet)… so if b) you are competitive & want to get to the top then you have to be patient & keep the Unique end-game in sight… in which case Para is your choice with Tuora in mind. Tuora may be a seriously lacking Unique right now (mine has been benched at L29 for months) but she will be balanced in-line with the other Uniques at some stage without doubt and the L30 stalwart tank legends Tragod and Stegod will fall to make room.

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Only 2-3 weeks to come for peeps to drop the hammer on patch note. My 2 cents, both tragod and stegod can potentially fall out the mainstream around that time. Tuora is due a buff, though, it’s been underpowered as a unique over 2 patches’ period(since middle of 1.3 I believe). Also second to the fella above :point_up: . Pursuing unique is a marathon, if you aim at long term then you have to take beatings during intermediary stage, and it takes long enough to fight back.

Edited: seems like my answer will score no points, so here’s a simple one: stegod is the best in intermediary stage. There’s no faster chomper can bring her down in that environment.


Trago is better and easier to make and level up. But you could work on both Trago and Stegod since they use different components.

I dont see the upside of using limited stego dna on anything other then monostego a good move… unless 1.7 changes things monostego is hands down the best place for stego dna. Tragod is a tank and tanks suffer in this meta… para is ok by itself and its unique actually has some good match ups in this meta.

If by handle you mean run away with half hp without dealing any considerable damage, then sure :joy:

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Really? On level, tuo always wins against trago.

May I ask how?

Please yes I’d like too know the secret also

Tragod let it win. They are brothers from different fathers.

Speed + stun + higher base damage. Not a contest even.