Paramoloch where are you

Has anyone seen paramoloch today??


I don’t have any drops nearby.

Me neither.
What’s with this? I didn’t have any Diplo towers either

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Haven’t seen it.

I saw only Tenonto…
( Which again is out of range)

Several green drops. No Para…

Drove thru my town (not locked down), nothing but rares under my green drops. I was thinking para might come out later like when strike towers have the second one switch in? Idk

you may be right

No sign yet either. Hopefully it will show up soon as you say.

No nothing Anyone. And in addition two battles outside 150 meters

None in the city of Savannah…
@Ned! :slight_smile:

Not a single one on the map @Ned

Para is probably out looking for TP! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah it’ll probably come out at the 10pm eastern time reset.

My alliance members haven’t seen it either.


You know, this would be a bit better if some information was provided beforehand. I’m currently out walking, which isn’t a real problem since it’s not a forced Lockdown, but there are already quite a few cases of Covid19 in my city, so I’d rather not have to walk around just to get the Epic strike and Paramoloch. Which is still nowhere to be found.


Maybe Paramoloch’s scared of Covid19…

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Why even put it on the calander if your not going to make it accessible… smh

It was removed along with tenotorex to avoid arena imbalance (old joke)


It’s even showing paramoloch in the in-game news but not available in the map.:expressionless:


I went for a Walk (i live next to a centrum) so i have about 30 stops around me and i saw no Paramoloch😢