Paramoloch where are you

Bullcrap right?

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I think they made it wrong and will put it out tomorrow since its the long friday and they ment to put it out on Easter day

I’ve been out to the store twice today, and no sign of Paramoloch.

My towers shifted not long ago. I didn’t have the epic and now I do. Maybe they put it out now?

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towers also shifted. i got a dippy strike 2 blocks away instead of 6 now. still have to go out, but the increased range means i don’t have to go as far.

Nope :-1:t3: not here either

Seriously tho, @Ned or @E.D or anyone… is this being looked into??

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Nobody in my alliance has seen it either. Did they forget to release it?

Only tumble weeds no para

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RIP paramoloch, they probably don’t have power

No para here either.

I need its dna. :frowning:

hopefully they change the Para event to tomorrow and not make it a last minuet thing today.

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It’s out on the map now!

The staff at Ludia offices must be staying home.


There is not one SINGLE green supply drop on the map. I’m in the middle of a huge city I can see many drops. Even the rare supply drops disappeared…I don’t care about the rares but I can’t even get the fips. Seriously how is this so difficult.

LOL, and it’s gone already. All the green drops have disappeared now.

Mine are all gone too. No green stops in sight…

It’s here!
Screenshot_20200410-184045 Screenshot_20200410-184010

Restarted app, they came back.