Paramoloch worth the coins?

Hi. I’ve only been playing about 6 weeks. I got my 1st legendary last week, Paramoloch. I have enough DNA to up it to 17 but I am already at the point I never have enough coins and 15000 is a lot. Do those of you at higher levels feel Paramoloch is worth upping?

On a similar note what are thoughts on Ankylocodon? Mine is at level 16 but I have enough DNA to up to 18 or so but have begun to feel it’s not worth leveling any higher. Thoughts?

I mainly play the game because my 4 year old son loves to do the battles with me and gets excited to see the new dinosaurs we get :slight_smile:

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Depends on what you get around you - as you have already identified lack of coins is an issue. If you are a fair way from other legendaries its not a bad addition but it is rng dependent. I levelled mine up to 20 as you need it there to start fusing Tuoramoloch but its on my bench. My general rule is don’t fuse anything higher than you need to to unlock a hybrid which is 10, 15 or 20 dependent on the hybrid.


I made paramoloch and then its unique - tuoramoloch. They’re both pretty blah. If you feel compelled to collect everything, keep up with it, if not, I’d say leave it be.

On the other hand… even with all the nerfing it has gotten, I still think this little bug is pretty awesome. Its armor, immunity, and slowing abilities make it pretty great in the higher arenas - when used against certain dinos.

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