What do you guys think of Paramoloch? Just got him, I think he’s awesome. Does more base damage at level 16 then Indominus and has instant cripple for them raptors


Top tier dino Things going melt peoples faces off. It does have higher raw power, but got to take to count that indom can stack X4 dmg with one of its moves paired with cloak. But pretty much useless outside of cloak besides switching to refresh it’s cloak to keep pulling maximized dmg.


personally think its middle of the pack. it has good stats but its moveset sucks. it only has a single 1.5x attack with low stun chance. everything else is 1x so it wont do any more damage than most commons. i just dont like instant cripple. if i see something with it i just randomize pounce use . pounce debuff stays on for next attack even when you instant cripple. doing 0 dmg and taking dmg is just bad. only useful vs maybe a bot or terrible player.


ive Prob made folk flip tables due to instant cripple. Exp when they burn a 2-3 cd move and just sitting ducks after


what 2-3 turn cd move? i mean like all the rampages are 1 turn except stuns, but you still get stunned w/ instant cripple. any decent player wont use a dino that is limited to a single long cooldown good move with no secondary effects. even if you block 1 move just about any worthwhile dino has multiple comperable moves.


I love when someone uses instant cripple and you just use your standard move on them cause you know it’s coming :joy: