I can start unlocking paramoloch after my 8hr incubator opens. Is it a worth while dino to have or a dud like sarcorpixis ???



It’s not that great but still go for it because it creates a unique :smiley:


Thanks heather will do


And it looks kinda cool :sunglasses:


Well I’m not so shallow :stuck_out_tongue:


I just want her cuz she’s so pretty. <3 50 more dna to go!


Deserve. Because you can use it to create Tuoramoloch.

If you know what I mean.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


10 DNA to go - will be firing up an 8 hour incubator overnight - only need 11 Stygimoloch DNA :slight_smile:


I am going to create her as soon as I can, because gotta catch em all! XD But I am not sure to use her in battle, I will just find it out in the future, it depends on what I would unlock before her.


The fact that its progressive hybrid listed as an op being in metahub tierlist is luring.



Legendary number 6; next targets …

Diloranosaurus 110/200 - reckon I will get 5 more fuse attempts if I catch the remaining 7 Dilophosaurus; RNG needs to be kind

Monostegotops 140/200 - need the Sat/Sun Monolophosaurus hunt to go well; should be doable

Megalosuchus 170/200 - need Megalosaurus DNA; only seen 1 maybe 2 since the 1.3 update


At paper paramolonch look great dont know why people dont use it he have high life and great noveset


@Tronkun609 we can’t upgrade it, or pay dna :expressionless:


Yeh right they need to rename them from unique to unobtainables!

Or longtainables! Or itwilltakeuforevarables! Or the exspensables!

Or the donholyourbreathcauseallyougetis10fusionables!

That is all


I’ve got a level 18 paramoloch and tuojiwhateeve the heck … so I mean maybe one day :joy: