Paranoid nutter with his homemade Cell signal blocker


So yeah, my neighborhood has a problem. It’s this crazy guy who lives down the block - one of those guys who stays indoors for fear of the “black helicopters” - and He’s built himself what amounts to an EMP device that causes the cell signals from the closest tower to drop completely or severely degrade whenever he has the thing turned on.

I’m not the only one here that he’s angered, either. I recall three separate times where police were called to deal with this guy. I think he actually got locked up in Western State (the local area’s wacky basket), but for whatever reason, they let him go.

Seriously, man… What the eff is your problem?


He doesnt want you using your illuminati powers on him, man! Gotta cut that stuff out! :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Edit: I really quite disapprove of having to use words that sound off to avoid upsetting the forum PC troll. :roll_eyes:


If you really think he’s operating a cell phone jammer, report him to the FCC. To file a complaint, visit or call 1-888-CALL-FCC.

More info at


That’s when you start getting creative…and grab the nearest mallet.


Or build my own EMP that has a directional cone of effect. One blast from that, and he’s gonna be in the dark. Oh, and he’ll have to rewire his entire house, due to all the wires melting… but hey, he brought it all on himself.


Build your own black helicopter and mess with him.


I’ll just buzz his house at all hours daily with my drone.