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Parasaurolophus Gen 2 Tournament 9/18/2020-9/21/2020

Hola, ladies and gentlemen! We’re witnessing history right now, as we admire Ludia’s Jurassic World The Game welcome its newest creature inspired by Camp Cretaceous - a Gen 2 Parasaurolophus.

The tournament commences from Friday and everyone have three days to secure themselves in a Dominator League rank and unlock this creature.

The last Tournament was Pteranodon Gen 2, which was the first time a Gen 2 was built of a different rarity than that of Gen 1. This time, we have a Gen 2 counterpart of a locked creature without an unlock event, this is very exciting for newer players since they get a powerful alternative to the Super Rare First Gen.

Good luck to everyone!

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why ptero gen 2 stats

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Just like that, to fit something in the paragraph talking about the new Gen 2 series.

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Is Parasaurolophus Gen 2 confirmed?

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Yes, the bioluminescent news tab and their latest Facebook post confirms it.

Any info on rarity?

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@Jurassic_Fury is this definitely gonna be the tournament this weekend though? if so you sir are a prophet haha :joy:

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If it is, then it was actually obvious since the promo pictures and tournament background did make it kinda obvious :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m thinking now yes because the tournament picture on the weekly schedule was foggy so you might be right there.

Damn really wanted to build up my aquatics but if that’s another gen 2 of one of my favourites I’m gonna have to postpone the fishies for now. :sweat_smile:

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Well, well, it has been confirmed by JWTG’s facebook account too.

I don’t have very high hopes about this but if it ACTUALLY glows or something (might not), it’ll be 100% worth it.


We wouldnt be able to tell though…

It’s always daytime in jurassic world :joy:

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Trying to decide if i’m less excited for this than i was for Gen 2 Pteranodon or not…

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depends on the stats

Acanthostega+Parasaurolophus Gen 2?


I like it, in theory that hybrid should dethrone pachygalo and Yudon in terms of ferocity.

But with the recent quetzl release and the op level of cerazinosaur who knows, we can only guess :sweat_smile:

Wouldn’t it be cool if this things enclosure was at night?


Anyone already have the stats?


Probably will be in the market when the tournament starts tomorrow so we will know then


yup. most likely. forgot to check today lol

It’s not there even now