Parasaurolophus lux for sanctuaries please?

With parasauthops being released in the next update, and parasaurolophus lux being a bit hard to come by, maybe it can be an option to put any creature as long as it is a non-hybrid in sanctuaries. This would help a lot since at the moment, I can only level up my para lux to level 18. This would be great or at least a big boost in spawn rates for para lux. I’ve only encountered it a couple of times in the wild, and only whilst in motion. Or it would be cool if we could have one attempt at darting it every other Sunday or so. Either one of these options would be great to be able to unlock it easier.


It’s honestly kinda time to lift that sanctuary restriction, and just only restrict it to all non-hybrids.


I think it’s time to remove or at least lower the level requirements as well. Like seriously, why do I need to be at and level to place my Scutosaurus in a sanctuary?


Agreed. What’s with the random dinos that you need to be almost 20 to FIP? It’s not even anything good really, makes no sense at all.

I agree, I quess the good news is that its hybrid can be unlocked via raids but ludia have shot them self’s in the foot and put a level cap on unqiue raids. Only apexs needed a cap because they are most game changing in the lower arenas.

He also will probably have a championship since one of it’s components is a exclusive

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Oh, thanks for bringing this up! It’ll be a huge game changer if we get a championship for it!

Honestamente estoy de acuerdo en que quiten la restricción de santuarios y que la abran para cualquier criatura NO hibrida, para asi conseguir un poco mas fácil ADN en este caso de Parasaurolophus lux y ahora tambien el de Rexy

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I honestly agree that they remove the sanctuary restriction and open it for any non-hybrid creature, in order to get a little easier DNA in this case from Parasaurolophus lux and now also from Rexy

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Otra sugerencia, seria la posibilidad de solicitar al menos una vez quiza cada dos domingos ADN en la alianza, o que lo liberaran cada dos domingos para poder cazarlo, ya que es demasiado difícil tener su ADN y mas aun teniendo en cuenta que tiene un hibrido

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Another suggestion would be the possibility of requesting DNA at least once every two Sundays in the alliance, or that they release it every two Sundays to be able to hunt it, since it is too difficult to have its DNA and even more so considering that it has a hybrid