Parasaurolophus Lux ruined by a blanket nerf because Deer/thops are broken

I played a game with the nerfed Counter Power Heal on Para Lux and I can already tell it’s going to be a problem for its performance in Arena. I have already lost a kill to it and Para Lux’s stabilization/gameplay loop is disrupted.

There’s no justification for this. This is a blanket ability nerf to two other dinosaurs that are broken. The playability of a really special dinosaur is now basically ruined not by an intended adjustment, but collateral damage.

Please immediately revert Counter Power Heal nerf on Parasaurolophus Lux or compensate with 400-600 base health increase.


Exactly, Parasaurolophus Lux was fine, but it got nerfed by association. They should have just gotten rid of the counter for Testa and/or Parasaurthops or given them a new move with the weaker version. If a move isn’t broken in every instance of its use, it’s probably the dinos themselves that are broken, and in those cases it’s the dinos and not the moves that should be addressed.


RIP to the Para line

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I feel like they should have reverted testas armor to the original 40% instead of needing counter power heal.


Thats an option, but I do prefer loosing Counter Power heal. Fierce don’t have an issue with the armor already, but they’re countered by the heal just as much as any dino, since it always activates. Since Testa is currently beating basically anything, I think it needs a nerf that helps everything beat it a little easier.

Dropping the speed a bit or removing the full cleanse on the Impact could also help, I think.

Wow from 350 to 191 counter heal. I liked the lux where it was at. I didn’t use it in PvP anyways…

Para Lux is a lot of fun. It relies on damage thresholds and intelligently healing to squeeze out some extra turns. With this nerf, those thresholds are much further out of reach.

Change power heal back to normal
Give Parasaurthops Lesser power heal
Remove the counter for testa and possibly the apex bear
Easier said than done


I kinda agree but i find it funny that a couple months back dozens of resilient creatures were nerfed due to just a couple of them being broken and now you’re complain about a single one getting slightly nerfed lol

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Honestly I think both blanket nerfs were the wrong move

I feel like paralux hybrid was fine and paralux but not testa. Testa is way to bulky. Before testa basically had 66% armor(11% power heal + 45) I say revert the change but either remove 5% of testa armor or get rid of its power heal and replace it with swap in heal

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If they want to Testa to keep it’s counter heal then resduce it’s armor to 35-40%…
Parasauthops is fine…
Para Lux needs adjustment…

Just a periodic bump to reiterate that Parasaurolophus Lux needs a compensatory buff for getting hit by a nerf intended for 2 other dinos.