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Parasaurolophus Lux Spawns around the map!

Hey ya all. So i have this suggestion about para lux. Some people might agree with me some of course not but for some people inclooding my self its very hard to find para lux at night since there are multiple reasons for that. A) Not all people have cars or bikes to drive as long as they want. For example i spended days outside at night walking for km’s and got throught all this time only 1 para lux when others got it all ready over lvl 20. B) Some countrys still has hard rules about pandemic that is going on around such as closeing places, dont go outside with out important reason etc. And my county is one of them. So going outside and catching para lux has problems and im sure a lot of people has some of finding one. Suggestion Please Ludia and i hope people around the globe will support me with this. PLEASE make para lux a few day spawn. If right now there is for example 10-15% chance to get one make it that you can get it (FOR EXAMPLE) Friday and Saturday and increse of chance to get it till like 40%-50% so spawns are more at least for like 5 km to find few of them. I think this way it would be more safer with law and better with spawns that you know when you go outside you get at least 1-2 paras. Not going outside for 4 nights risking to get in trouble and dont get any thing.


It doesn’t even need to be a day spawn. Lux just needs to spawn more frequently - although not that frequently given it’s rarity. The point is that most of us who can go out hunting at night safely, have yet to see one despite spending the time doing so.


I play many hours every day (and night) and haven’t seen any yet. Almost no one in my alliance has seen it but there are already people at level 20 … nothing we have not seen before.

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I saw one and thats pretty much it. No matter how far i go can’t see any. I don’t think that Ludia would be ok to make more para spawns for every night thing but 2 days in a week make it much more spawnable would be more balanced i think at least ^^’. But i really hope they will see this since here we have such a bad situation in my country with pandemic that i think this way it would of been better for thouse also that dont have any transport and are in situation like me.

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I cannot leave my home so there’s a problem right there, and I have played the game during night hours a lot, and have not ever encountered it, maybe an epic or two, but para lux, never, and people in my alliance already have it at lvl 20 as well.


Yeah i totally understant that tho hope this will get to Ludia and next update they will make it a little bit more better to get ^^’

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Didn’t saw one for like week now idk what to do :confused: will try to get it ofc and not get in trouble but hell i hope they will fix this soon

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It’s more madness. One of our lower guys has a spawn point in his garden and has more DNA than coins for it at the moment. Yet only 3 people in the Alliance managed to dart one, because of the silly dart points on its legs…Change it so it’s a spawn 0/9 under the green boxes for a few days.