Parasaurolophus - The coveted red head a.k.a The Rare "Common"


Can we take a look at the spawn rate for Parasaurolophus?

It’s the one common that I get super excited about because I see Amargasaurus (rare) than I see Parasaurolophus (common).

Or Re-class Parasaurolophus to be rare perhaps? That way the hybrids Tragodistis and Paramoloch can retain or buff their power?


Yes I would love it being a rare class, that means having to farm much less paras for their hybrid counterpart. Sign me in lol.


I dunno… Seems to be pretty common in certain places.
Like, most of the time near home or work I don’t see them, but there’s an area I pass through between home and work where I’ll have as many as five or six on the screen at once.

Just find where they live and they spawn a bunch, just like any other Common spawn.
Might also consider looking at the time of day when you see them, that probably factors in as well.


Parasaurolophus is a local common spawn. That means she spawns a lot in certain areas, and not at all in others. And with the recent update, Parasaurolophus remained a local spawn but changed her area, which means she now spawns in different places than she did before. Before the update, I had never seen one spawn in my city at all, but now she is all over the place when I go to the center area of the city.

My advice is that you read the spawn mechanics on Metahub and work on mapping your city to learn where are certain local areas. That way whenever you need to hunt for a specific local dinosaur, you know where to look!


Thank you for the feedback!

Much appreciated.

So, if I read this right…

I need to drift into a zone that has Para as the spawn table. Good intel.

Now… to find an L4 region.


I think they might have dropped her spawn rate a tad. I went to my L4 today thinking it’s Tragodistis day and only saw 2 of her. The day after the update I grabbed 15. :rage:


Parasaurolophus used to be very common around my streets before the update. Now I don’t see them all that often.



Please release these girls! It shouldn’t take me more than 2 days to grab a cpl 1,000 DNA for a common when I’m hunting in the correct zone.

Please, with sugar and such!


When they do a migration first i do is look the new metahub spawn zones and going to look all my city and then just grinding in the zone i want the dino


That’s exactly what I do. I’m certain I’ve been in the correct zone, as I HAVE been finding them. They are just way too rare for a common.


They’re everywhere were I live lol


I used to see them all the time before the update. Now I can’t level him up because that are no where to be found now. I usually got like 3000 in an hour now I get none =(


I still see them all day and night in certain areas. Raptors have become super rare at night for me in all parts of my city. I’m lucky if i can find 5 in an hour now.


That’s good to know. Didn’t know they spawned at night.


Just went back to the same spot. Was able to grab 1,500 quickly. :man_shrugging:t3: Weird. Was able to fuse this so icy boy though.