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Parasaurolophus Tournament Advice

So the Parasaurolophus Gen 2 tournament is starting tomorrow and I’ve got a couple of decisions to make now. I finished around #70 in Hunter League last tournament using level 40 rare, level 40 common, level 10 super rare. This time I have a level 20 rare hybrid, level 10 tournament legendary, and level 30 rare/level 20 super rare, and I want to push for Predator League. So i just wanted to ask: is that realistic with this team? If I really wanted to go all-in, I can spend a bunch of cash to speed up incubator and evolve the tournament legendary to 20 or maybe the rare hybrid to 30, but I don’t want to do that if it won’t change my league placement.

I don’t know for sure but I think I’ve almost always been able to make predator so I don’t see why you can’t, but with that being said my memory might be off since I’ve just recently come back from a year+ hiatus.

On what it takes to get to predator that is

Can’t say for certain but if you play the battles right and make good use of your dino’s you should have a good chance.

So you don’t have any VIP dino’s? Make sure you are saving your LPs for the 10k LP packs. VIP dino’s are great for tournaments for a number of reasons.

I think you might be good for a Mid-Predator finish but for dominator, not so much. The bare minimum for a excelling team in dominator are lvl 10 VIPs.

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Yeah, I’ve got 1 Antarctopelta and another one coming up in 3 days, but that’s it. I’m actually at 9680 LP so really close to another VIP.

Don’t need Dominator. I’m just level 33, I’m more than happy with a pair of legendaries.

IMO, you just need to beat Hunter League and sneak into Predator on the last day. With your dinosaurs having such short cooldowns, it is possible to use them multiple times a day, so I think you will be able to make it to Predator League. Be prepared to login frequently to battle. Can you send your lineup or list the top 12 dinos you have? When it comes to tournaments, nothing beats the depth of your lineup.

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My top 3 is rare hybrid 20, VIP 10, rare 30. Also got a super rare 20 that I occasionally sub into that. Those are literally the only dinos I feel comfortable bringing out in Hunter. I could technically make two more super rare 20s but they don’t really help too much.

Depending on which rare hybrid at L20 and VIP L10, with a 3rd of equal strength they have a 50% chance of winning on dominator.

Post a screen shot of your top dinos and maybe we can suggest a team for you that will work in Hunter and maybe even Pred.

I have Diplotator 20 (784, 271) and Antarctopelta 10 (798, 204). After that it basically falls off a cliff, my best option is just Ophiacodon 30 (268,195) as glass cannon. Oh, by the way, my entire team comes off cooldown in 2.5 hours. If I really wanted to I can toss in about 700 cash and get another Antarctopelta out.

Play Antarctopelta/Diplotator/Ophiacodon

If you are going to spend DNA, get the Ophiacodon to L40.

I’m playing Diplotator/Antarctopelta/Ophiacodon right now. Won’t mind switching up the first two though. I don’t really feel like going all-in on the Ophiacodon right now, especially when I don’t have Gallimius and I’m nearly at 10k LP.

The advantage to Antarctopelta/Diplotator is typically the bots should switch to a carnivore for class advantage. Your Diplotator than has advantage next.

Same thing with other way around, right? They switch in a ptero on my diplotator and antarctopelta comes in. I’m just trying to figure out which order gives my ophiacodon an easier time.

1st creature will allow you to build up reserve so needs to take a hit or two, ophiacodon will be your sweeper

Yes, but Diplotator has more attack and Antarctopelta has more health. You want the health first.

well the best way is to always sacrifice one to get points to take the others down but don’t forget your advantage and disadvantage :+1:

Um… is it natural to run into 2 VIP 10s and a VIP 20 at Hunter League? Because I just did.

If your dinos are super weak for the League, you will get an extra powerful bot opponent.

And sometimes it is just bad luck.

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