I am convinced that the Parasaurolophus should be listed as “epic” because I never see them! I see way more T-Rex…


Do you know which local spawn zone you live in? I’ve just moved to L4 and they’re a common spawn here.


I don’t know which one I live in. How do I find out?


They are non-stop spawns in L4. I both live and work in L4 local zones. Wish I spent more of my days elsewhere, so I could find something else.


At least when you do find them, they are much, much easier to dart since the update. That’s something.



Hope this helps @Gaara157


Hope this info helps @Gaara157


During the first two months I did not see even one, now I see many every day (and I need them). On the other hand, the euplocephalus before were very common and now for me they are almost epic … and I need both for my tragodistis. Question of zones and migrations …


By the looks of that chart I live in L3, although the only ones I ever see is tricera gen 2, iquanadon and the little green diplo
:joy: Would love to see the others but meh


You’re definitely in L3!