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Parasaurolphus lux pursuit

if you read data mine there is a new uniqe parasaurolphus hybrid. The name suggests it’s either made of lux + arctops or acrocanthops + parasaurolphus

So in chase para lux gets a hybrid should he have a pursuit


Considering it is a legendary, having a pursuit would be hard to balance so the spawn chance would still have to be low at any time. I think its better to give a few controlled darts of it, because personally I’ve been walking around for ages using like 2hrs out 3 constantly in motion for the past couple weeks and I’ve found only 1 para lux.

Also I believe it’s para lux + acrocanthops coz it seems to be a unique, from the data mine info, coz who says u can’t use two legendaries if only one is a hybrid

Because we have two creature uniqes now so we don’t need legendary + legendary hybrids

I hope that happens, I sent this Parasaurolophus lux quest idea to ludia a few weeks ago, I haven’t found a single one on my map since it was released

Yep I’ve only found two during the camp cretaceous events . Perhaps para lux could also become a season reward since he isn’t a hybrid

To be honest, I really hope Acrocanthops doesn’t hybridize with Para Lux. This would likely give the hybrid worse stats that Acro (Para has 8 less speed, 600 less health, and 800 less damage compared to Acro), and a potentially worse Moveset, with Para having 2 healing moves, a terrible strike, but at least a decent rampage. I wouldn’t mind a crested Gorgonopsid, but Acro shouldn’t be the one hybridized.


Yep. It’s more likley a arctops + para lux hybrid or a parasaurolphus + acrocanthops hybrid

I’d hope it would be Dakonatops and Paralux. Having the normal Parasaur would be even worse, and the Arctops+Para Lux doesn’t sit well with me ( CompC should be legendary, can’t change my mind).

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I’m pretty sure that at the very least, it will be part acrocanthops, as the data mined name end in “thops”, and the “t” couldn’t come from the other component

The t could come from other components. I mean we just got Alber”T”osaurus. There is also the Andrew hybrids. Also Argentavis. There are quite a few.

Yep in my eyes they should have made a para lux hybrid the first two creature uniqe and compsocaulus was also datamined as a legendary so don’t know why the change

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there is also a new andrew hybrid datamined wich either means Andrewsarcus is getting a 3rd hybrid or its for andrewtherium or Andrewtodon

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Has no one thought it might be a simple Para hybrid 🤦

already thought yes. I believe it’s likely to be a hybrid of parasaurolophus lux because some creatures are getting a possible super hybrid, merging acrocanthops that don’t have a super hybrid with parasaurolophus lux that also doesn’t have a hybrid is kind of cool to me

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This sounds cool. A parasaurolophus lux week would be great. I think 1 attempt per day would be nice. I’m exited to see what the hybrid will look like.

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Yep. Perhaps three would be nice since he isn’t a unique

When we can have rare(hybrid)+rare(non hybrid) ,
Epic(hybrid)+Epic(non-hybrid), so making unique out of two legendary is not bad idea. Because if more 2 creature uniques come…then in future we might see apex super-hybrids.

If para lux and acrocanthops gets a hybrid, then the stats of the hybrid can be similar to tenrex.

Unlikely, plus do we really need another Tenontorex? At least some of Tenontorex’s stats make sense (Health and Speed) because Tenontosaurus has those stats at a higher amount. Para Lux would likely make every stat worse, and with an underwhelming Moveset, it would likely just make Acro’s hybrid worse than Acro itself.

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