Parasaurothops hasn’t even been added and already needs a buff

Although this thing isn’t that bad, for a hybrid made from an exclusive creature and the only non-hybrid legendary which also has a very low spawn rate, it’s pretty bad.

I had made my own version of Parasaurothops a few days before the update which I’m still surprised of how accurate it was to the real thing


If I were to update this I would change cunning strike to tough cunning strike but other than that I think this should be the version that’s in the game. (I don’t really care to much for swap in fierce strike as it doesn’t feel like it fits with this build and would also make it far too strong aswell).

Also, why did Ludia name the revenge version of Resilient Rampage Resilient Rampage Revenge Instead of the more traditional Revenge Resilient Rampage. Honestly have no clue why they picked it since it doesn’t even sound good.

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You have no idea how Parasauro will perform yet. Why don’t you sit down, wait for the update and then spam buff/nerf threads.


We still have to wait to hear its resistances and stats


Now that is true.

If this thing comes out with with 4500+ hp, 1400+ attack, and fairly good resistances then I guess I may have been wrong.


Yes. I believe it will be fairly slow, 110 speed? Hp has to be high, 4800 maybe. And attack, Acrocanthops has VERY high attack, so 1600-1700?

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I suppose even if you take the bare minimum from both creatures, 4500 hp, 1250 attack, and 106 speed it still has some potential.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


All depends on its stats and resistances.
Seems to have a decent swap in, especially if it has acros base dmg.
Also the revenge is nice to have aswell.
But it looks very good for raids being able to group heal the team constantly.
Also its a nice flock counter with the counter heal and group hit.

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Its just weird how they gave it a swap in shattering strike to compensate for its 2 healing moves, i would’ve liked to see it have a heal move that acts simular to Mortems Roar, a group damaging attack that breaks sheilds and armor, while also doing a 1x heal to the team. That would substitute for its lack of a defense shattering move while in play. But who knows how well it could do since we don’t know resistance and attack. But thats my opinion on it, especially due to the fact this creature would be about the rarest hybrid (actrops & acro being exclusives and lux being very hard to find)

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acro isnt exclusive and was just the monthly creature

Arctops is exclusive though

Was talking about Arctops

For me the problem with para is that it’s hard to make considering how rare para lux spawns. At least we have a raid for him and potentially a championship since acrocanthops is exclusive

That much attack for a swapper is OP

i replied to @UserCarlos not u… and he said

I see

10 char

Yeah, the stats and resistances have not saved this creature. From what I can see it has like 4.6k hp and 1550 attack at lv26 the health is a quess. But 33% immune to stun is horrible.
Only positive is the swap in fierce strike with a decently high dmg stat.

It needs a buff already

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It seems like it’s meant to be a raid creature to me. Both of it’s heals are group so it can provide a lot of heals and it’s got immunity to taunt as well as group cunning strike which will be useful. For pvp it will probably be mostly be used swap-ins.

yeah I was right, this thing really isn’t too good. Although I did also predict its stats, move set, and resistances almost perfectly. :smiley:.

you’re better off going for tuoramoloch anyway