Parasaurthops is gonna be insane

Datamine a while back mentioned a possible para lux and acrocanthops unique
-acro has insane damage
-Lux has healing abilities (heal = damage amount)
-parasaurthops having 1800 minor heal
I don’t think I’m ready for this


If it is Parasaulophus Lux, then we need a better way to get her DNA. Maybe now is the time to allow her in sanctuaries?


I’m chilling with 773 para lux dna :no_mouth: I feel sorry for you guys


I even see it so many times because I walk so much, that I ignore it

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Yes perhaps a para lux raid boss or as a season reward. Maybe strike tower for non hybrid legendaries


I mean, you can beat acrocanthops with stuff like spyx. So try that

Could it be like this perhaps?


No need for swap in, and maybe revenge resilient rampage and group cleansing impact for lesser group heal?

That could be good too

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I hope that is for para lux


You should probably keep darting it

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I wish I had that much lux dna😟

It’s not very smart to ignore legendary in a wild.
773 is not so much dna, this will only allow to evolve to fusion level and fuse once.


Yeah I know, but if I walk normally I’ll see atleast 3 a day and get about 100 - 170 dna Everytime I dart one, so I don’t really have to worry about it.

But I see what you’re saying

I have it at level 18

I used to see that many a day and never let one slip by. Now I may see 1 every 3 days. They greatly decreased their spawn rate. I’m excited for it to have a hybrid.

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At least you see them every 3 days, I’ve only seen em twice!

I haven’t even unlocked it. I only found two since his release

can you get it to max level

Nah. It would take 10,250 dna to get it to 30 from 21.