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Parasaurus Lux Horrible

I gave it a chance. I tried it out in the Legendary raids. It either gets 2-shorted or 1-shorted early on because of underwhelming low hp.

Its healing is atrociously lame compared to other healers. You would think a creature as hard to run across as those would be a little better.

Emergency group heal was the appeal but what good is emergency group heal when the thing gets one or two shorted in one round?

The thing is as slow as malassis on a cold day. This needs both a hp and damage buff or some armor.

Consider this creature useless and forever benched.


Given its sort of link to Hadros, I think making it almost like a Diet version of that would be a good idea. I’ll work on something.



should also be immune to bleeding

why lol it has cleanse

My second favorite creature in jwa ;-;
I agree tho it needs a buff lol

Considering how ridiculously hard it is to find this thing. They could at least make it better or give a decent hybrid of some sort.

It’s a pity that Para Lux is as hard to find and as weak.

Very few people noticed or realized when it got a little nerf. It used to have Primal Cleansing Strike as it’s base instead