Parasauthops Healer in Raids

In my failed attempts to beat Refrenantem I got the farthest into the beginning of round 3 with the use of 21 Parasauthops. Used in conjunction with my 29 Tuoramoloch healer, I could heal every round while 29 Thoradosaurus and 22 Tryostronix would deal most the damage. Thor could handle Refren’s 2X hits while I was able to heal it right back to full health pretty much till the 3rd round when both Tryo or Para seemed to get knocked off. You have 2 team heals with Para and one team heal with Toura. I need Para up and damage boosted a bit so the instant heals do better. That was the weak point just prior to round 3 that everyone was not healed enough for the start of round 3.

I have the DNA to level up both Tryo and Para for even better heals and more damage but will go at this again next week. I had to go for a quarter mile walk just to grab it. My Thor is 68 DNA from 30 so possibly by next week my whole team can be more up to par and I can beat this guy.


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I like that your challenging yourself to beat this raid with parasauthops. good luck.

Beat it!!!

I got the idea to use 2 Thors and 2 healers. I gave Para 2 damage boosts. I got up this morning before dawn and Refren was in range so I went at it. I had difficulty the beginning of the 3 round a few times but finally kind of figured out how to get past the 1st turn.