Parasauthops incorrect dmg

Was doing this raid and it said para was going to do 2142 dmg on the group impact however it ended up doing 2448 dmg?

Dear me, i said incorrect dmg :joy: look at the screenshots.

Hi @MattCrad01,

Thanks for the info, this has been sent to the team!


If you were vulnerable it would be doing more damage than indicated

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I thought that at first, however entelochops went for the mutual fury which cleanses the vulnerability.
Also dilo removed the attack buff from MF.

I think its a bug to do with the counter heal classing as an attack when its not.

Cunning impact distracts for 2 attacks
2 counter heals from para and im presuming the games code counts them as attacks when there not.

I think the MF is what caused it to do more than it should distracted but less than 50% more. It never counts heal as attack we raid it weekly. But I’ll try that strat next week (we have it but don’t use it) and see what happens. Showing incorrect damage while distracted has been a thing before

Will just put the move order
Entelochops - MF
Thor - GSI
Dilorano - Cunning impact
Gemini - Resilient strike

Diloracho removes the attack buff.