Parasauthops is not fun

After a 10 minute match against this thing in the tournament it’s time to come here and report that this creature should not be able to heal 3100/4650hp every two turns for free. An extremely small number of creatures can deal with this, and with a 75% DoT resistance (despite having a strike that cleanses it and 2 healing moves) it has no real openings or weaknesses beyond being hit for all its hp in one turn. It can lose to spynx and bird in isolation, but beats all other cunning creatures with resilient rampage → heal 3100 → resilient rampage. It easily beats flocks with group cunning strike, and easily beats fierce with DoT resistance and access to a cunning move. Resilient are just worn down to oblivion by the endless healing cycling. It’s torture. Please remove the DoT resistance or find another way to improve the way this creature works so it doesn’t create infinite battle loops.


And most people were asking for a buff to it when it was first announced

As I’d love to quote,“oh how the turn tables”

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I mean it is a creature with extremely hard components to get, so it should be inherently strong, does it beat fierce? Yes because it’s cunning, does it beat cunning? Yes because its resilent. Honestly i dont think its that incredible good when it gets hit pretty hard by dinos like skoona or even now quetz, and don’t forget you can just swap in kill it when u do get it low


Btw in the tournament, have you fought a argentryx? Now THAT thing is something we should be complaining about.


I see where you’re coming from, but I actually think these aspects make it worth the struggle to unlock it. Its extremely predictable in combat because it only has 2 actual attacks, so the main feature of its play style is simply being hard to kill.

I do agree tho that maybe lowering its attack or overall base hp could have it’s benefits

Skoona and Orion lose to Parathops. However, both put it in swap in range of Phorurex.


Also with Para, it actually currently has a really bad rampage. Once its fixed, itll actually be amazing, but the way it works right now is terrible. You remove Speed Up and Evasion before you attack, but you cleanse distraction and remove CLOAK after you attack (tried this against Indot. It did not work). However, as of right now, it is one of if not THE hardest unique to get. So it should be extremely powerful and able to dominate most creatures in a 1v1.


PARASAUTHOPS’s hybrid components are event exclusive legendary hybrid and a most difficult to find creature in the game… So it deserves to be the strongest creature in the game… But few creatures still beat it…


I hate the fact it has a swap in too
Like why none of its components have a swap in
So in my rework I removed the instant alert heal and gave it fierce impact, I also removed the swap in of course

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The rarity is not important if the creature isn’t fun. This thread may look like a “nerf” thread, but it isn’t. Infinite healing loops are not fun, they make battles last too long and they ruin the experience. If you want an exclusive creature to be OP, that’s another debate. What’s unacceptable is that a creature has near complete immunity to everything but stun (or can cleanse it) and can nearly constantly heal rather than inflicting damage and ending the battle. If exclusivity is the issue, change the creature so it remains strong in some other way.


I wanted it to have Revenge fierce impact or Fierce impact in place of one healing move… So in this way it can’t spam heals continuesly

So it begins…


It’s not even included in most of the skilled team, so not as op as you think.

That’s the point. You take away a heal, you’re gonna kill its viability. And it deserves to be extremely powerful. Should it be countered? Duh. Does it have counters? Absolutely. SR3 does rather well, Orion and Skoona take it to swap in range, and Testa outright beats it. Entelolania likely beats it as well, same with Mammolania I think. Ive heard Grypo does well, I tested that once though, and it did not work. And again, those heals are REALLY good for raids. I have a Tuora with 2397 damage at level 28, and my 23 Parathops can outheal her with only 2 attack boosts being on Para. So no. Let’s not take off a heal. If anything, I’d remove the swap in and have Group Tough Cunning Strike shatter shields, but not bypass armor.

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This should not be true of any creature in the game, and historically, Ludia has (eventually) nerfed anything that could win 80% or more of its matchups.


Well with Para, without that raid existing, creating this guy would be MUCH harder due to the infrequency of Para Lux spawning. So it should be really good. Plus, its also an exclusive hybrid with Arctops. This means it should be one of the most powerful creatures to have, mostly due to the fact that its ingredients are annoying to find at best. The easiest is Acro, which is only found in Area 3. Arctops is exclusive, and not in many events, so youll need to farm him, and one Arctops in a 20 sanc can net around 60 ish dna, so you get one fuse of Acrocanthops every 24 hours if you only sleep for 6 hours and set an alarm for collecting, which is ridiculous. So I would say maybe one fuse every 2 days. And this is just for Acrocanthops, which now you have a chance for 10-100 dna, with an average of 20 dna per fuse. This means that on average, you’ll get one Parathops fuse every 4 or 6 days. And again, with you getting 10-100 per fuse and an average of 20 dna per fuse, its just nuts to try to unlock this thing, let alone upgrade it. Its just insane the amount of effort you need to do. So it should be really good for a unique. Ill restate, it shouldn’t be uncounterable, and it isnt, but it should be really good.


All changes I want to Parasauthops rn is for it to get a move that shows that it is part Acrocanthosaurus.
It’s entire moveset is just Para Lux with a tad bit of Arctops, but nothing at all from Acrocanthosaurus.

You are free to hate my idea but Parasauthops should really be a Wildcard

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I mean it’s labeled Cunning Resilient, but it should be a wildcard. It has Fierce Swap In Strike, which kinda loops back to Acro. Though I do think that they should have done better with it, and again it has a move called Group Tough Cunning Strike. Could have done something with that extra “Tough” in it.


I hope you’re not too far away from a future reality

Ok, so maybe its because i faced only a hand full or the person using it gave up but ardetntis seemed to take it out well and never put up much of a threat to me (finished top 2000, so i did a couple battles…) not saying that it cant be a pain but it wasn’t to me