Parasauthops possible bug?

It happened to me that facing an Indotaurus with cloak and Parasauthops with resilent rampage revenge hits and Indotaurus evades, how can that be possible? In the past it had happened to me and now again. Is there something I am not considering or is it a real bug?
Has someone else happened?


I think the whole move is bugged tbh.
Had it in a raid and the revenge hit all opponents.

Maybe you mean “ tough group cunning strike” or do you really mean “resilent rampage revenge”?

A lot of Para’s moves are bugged currently:

Not only that but the whole things in this version become bad. Mortem Rex animation look weird with Roar and Rampage unlike before and Roar buff effect applied after an attack and last 1x but in description says last 2 attack. Means 2 attack buff for others but not to itself? :joy:

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Thanks for sharing the topic, it´s mentioned very clearly there and it´s sad that Ludia didńt repair it. It´s absurd to be defeated by an Indotaurus with its cloak after receiving a resilent rampage revenge… Ludia!!!

The typical response has been that they’re “looking into it”. It just seems they’ve stopped hot patching obvious bugs like this to fix them immediately, and wait until the next update to fix things. This might be ok for things like the animations not matching the moves, but isn’t exactly ideal when it comes to broken moves/creatures like this.

@Ned any chance these types of bugs can be addressed in-between updates as these aren’t just cosmetic issues?

Thanks, Hugo_Ugalde1! This has been reported to our team so they can investigate further. :slight_smile:

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Resilient rampage.

This is definitely a bug. A lot of things are wrong with the his move.

  1. On revenge it’s a group move
  2. It cleanses
  3. It does not remove cloak?

Hey Hugo_Ugalde1, could I ask you to please screen record a video of this happening, and send it over to our team at as well? It’d really help our team out with their investigation.

Thank you!

@Ned I have this screenshot, but I think this problem is not even likely to evade. Definitely not working resilent rampage revenge vs indotaurus cloak. As you can see that the Indotaurus left healthy after the hit
Not to mention it left no vulnerability in indotaurus

@Ned do you want more proof than this? please fix this now
by the way, I sent mail and I didn’t t have any response

Thanks, Hugo_Ugalde1! The screenshots have been forwarded to our team.