Parasauthops Raid


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thanks that worked…sort of had to improvise a bit round 3 but pulled it off i,ll throw up a video soon

may take a few minutes to process but its also a andrewtops raid as well

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it’s great :open_mouth:

have not verified but will soon said to work read notes
ok verified it works even with a nitro thor


We winged it & beat it on the 1st try. 2 casualties tho. It has revenge and a group defense shattering rampage at the start of round2 and in round 3 that u should save a distraction move for. Team was Toura, Teno, Dio & Gem.


Just beat it again using Toura, Teno & 2 Gems. Everyone survived fine.

very well, I have to fix some things

this works

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by far the easiest i used entelceros …well…becuase and round 2 turn 2 no smash so decded to dig in have not tested with green dilo yet he may be a bit quick
and another version

another one this time overcooked but worked better in the end

I was having a horrid time beating this one. I used a version of the Ceramagnus raid with Thor, Tuora, Skoola and Poukaidei to beat this. I’ll try one of the above next week as it is way out of range over the river where I live. It’s about a half mile walk round trip to go grab it.

if you cant get the above setup the green one above that works just as well

2 more raids same strat different dinos

and the fastest one i know of

I couldn’t get this one to work for me. In the video, they didn’t follow the strategy along with it didn’t go as planned for them.

I had better luck with the Entelo, Thor, Dilo and Gemini but Dilo needs to heal the first turn. My Dilo is 25 and tends to get knocked out the first turn as it hits Mujunga along with the hit from Para.

This works really well if u meet the requirements. Gem doesn’t need that attack btw

in the first yes stupid thor aka me hit the wrong button next one was better but you sort of need to come close to the stats for a clean run the entelchops baby dilo also works but they do need to be a reasonable size it comes down to big thor big gemii happy life :stuck_out_tongue:
if you want ahand add me tarot#1792 i,ll see if i hhave a slot or kick someone who annoys me :stuck_out_tongue:

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another one again careful of overcooking and nitro tento :stuck_out_tongue: