Parasauthops Rework

I think most of us can agree that this hybrid is a bit too op atm, specifically its swap-in and insane healing abilities. I’ve made this rework to both keep it still raid and PVP viable, while also toning it down a bit


with the new “Devour” Mechanic, I felt ParaT would be better with a healing move that works overtime, while also incorporating Acrocathops’s fierce moveset, instead of “regen half its health in 1 turn”. The move also applies to the entire team, healing over time.

The swap-in was completely replaced with “swap-in heal” to balance out its lost healing abilities, while also not killing its swap usage too much where players would feel their hundreds of boosts a waste. now instead of swapping in and dealing 2000+ dmg to the opponent, you heal instead.

What are your thoughts/ideas on how ParaT could be more balanced without straight killing it? (don’t want another monomimus or nerf a very viable flock killer)


pretty much jsut invalidated its raid viability by getting rid of the other heal. its used similarly to toura with heals, but the added benefit of a bit more utility for no speed up move.


I may not fully understand Devour but doing more damage while stealing your opponents’ health? What about that makes it invalid for raids?

A group heal was taken away to give it more damage output with a self heal. The way paratops was used in raids made use of both heals for the entire group. It would no longer have that role, therefore making all current strats with it useless. Would it be totally useless in raids with the above change? Idk. But its utility would tank and toura cannot take its place in some raids due to needing that group cunning strike.

And devour doesnt work like bleed. You heal yourself a precentage of the damage you dealt with that move over a set number of turns. Just yourself.


Exactly. But, there’s a possibility that we may get a team devour move like what OP is mentioned.
For example, ‘Persistent counter’ increases team damage output by 10% for 2 turns/2 attacks, for every hit the creature takes. So, Ludia may come up with similar thing for team devour, to increase the devour heals for group creatures, for every attack the individual creature does.

I don’t agree with the idea of ​​removing your move “Group Heal” as it would ruin a lot of the strategy of using it on difficult bosses.



Unless its great deal over 100% of damage dealt, i dont see team devour healing working out. Its too susceptible to distraction (shields and doge in other cases) and doesnt provide the nessecary instant healing that is needed during raids, especially against difficult bosses.

Dont get me wrong i dont mind the move change for pvp, but id rather not change it if the replacement cannot be anywhere close to comparable to what was lost.

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Just no.
(10 char)

Qiew, what do you think Team Devouring Impact does?

Just don’t change ParaT
It’s fine the way is

U just removed its pvp usefulness,the swap in heal is not useful it can just use it’s instan heal,the only reason ppl use para is because of its swap attack and greater group heal,u just removed both of them.

But wasn’t it too op in the first place? ParaT has kind of ruined every chance of lesser used dinos like utarinex, Orion, or troodoboa to pick up popularity, cause all it takes is a morty roar and then a swap to ParaT to win. Most people will agree that the swap damage is too high for a move that removes shield and bypasses armor…

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While I agree that the heal should stay, something should happen to the swap in. I don’t know what should, but it is just too strong

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Agree, needs both heals to be good.

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I think the swap in move is meant to counter akoloys lux

I do like this though but doesn’t alrwady have something that will heal it over time after every turn until it dies?

Didn’t ParaT come out like 2 updates before anky lux…?

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It did but without ParaT’s Swap in there is no swap in move that can really defeat Ankylos

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That’s the whole point of on escape abilities… without ParaT none of the titanoboa g2 line can get killed by swaps either…

They can,irritatir gen 2 has a swap in shattering move