Pareiasaurs and gorgonopsids

Since dimetrodon is placed in the carnivore category i think its save to say that the other permians from jwa will be added here as well.

Scutosaurus (legendary)
Pareiasaurus (super rare)
Moschops (rare)
Styracocephalus (tournament)
Estemenosuchus (vip)

Inonstrancevia (legendary)
Gorgonops (super rare)
Arctops (rare)
Dinogorgon (tournament)
Rubidgea (vip)

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Scutosaurus, moschops, inonstrancevia, gorgonops and arctops would be cenozoics

As i explained since dimetrodon is a land dinosaur other non aquatic palaeozoic creatures will probably be placed there too

Oh. I thought you meant them as carnivores

Well gorgonopsids will be carnivores and Pareiasaurs will be herbivores

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