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Park area and spawn change?

Do they change the park area?
Before, we can get ‘park spawn creatures’ in park (green) area plus a few blocks surrounding “green” on map.
Now, we need to step on “green” in order to get ‘park exclusive’ things.

Honestly that’s probably for the best, it sounds like people who lived by parks were getting flooded by park spawns. I’m not sure if this is fixed or not though.

Remove Park exclusive creatures is the best way.
If they keep park spawn on Green only.
Many players will suffer more.
No green on map for someone = 0 chance to get,
Totally unfair.


That is the other side of it; some people can almost never get park spawns, while others get almost nothing but park spawns. How would you balance that? They could remove park spawns, but I feel like they should still incentivize playing in parks in some way. Maybe by just having higher spawn rates of rares/epics or just having higher spawn rates in general?


We really don’t care that someone can get park exclusive creature at level 30 in 2-3 days after release.
Just try to collect that stuff.
We have to drive to small park (almost 10 km away) during weekend and playing in that area. And found no park spawn outside little green area. Definitely not worth.

Hope ludia will consider this issue ‘coz when we think that playing this game is a time-wasting, will end up with stop playing.

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Simple, remove Park Spawns and spread them throughout other zones.

I like in a park but it’s apparently not classed as a park, so I never get park spawns.

I’ve got parks like that in my town. Two great big ones but Google maps doesn’t consider them parks. Tiny little children’s pay areas in built up areas are most definitely parks though and standing around little children while they are playing draws the attention of parents.

I think the map aspect of the game needs to be updated to include more park spaces.

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