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Park arrangement

So I haven’t had a lot of time to play this game in the past few months so I’m only just starting to get back into it again and picking up where I left off; improving my coin trap for the 3 common hybrid coin producers.

For now I’ve decided to put any investments into other hybrids on hold so I can max these padocks out and I’m doing a pretty good job, buying Hammond statues whenever I can to boost coin production.

Currently this coin trap is on Sorna because I have the space there but the big thing I want to ask is about my dinos on the main island. At the moment it’s pretty chaotic with padocks and building dotted around everywhere with some decorations in place to help coins be produced. I was thinking that I should organise it to help get more coins on that island but if I were to invest in decorations for this island it give me less to invest in the coin trap.

Should I just focus on making my coin trap as effective as it can be before tweaking some things on Nublar or should I work in them both at the same time

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If you focus on the coin trap first you will make enough coin back to help you with sorting out nublar.

You can cycle high earners through your coin trap for now so I wouldnt worry too much about the arrangement on nublar just yet if max coin production is your goal.

Then once your earning enough coin with this method then focus on sorting out nublar. :+1:


Nice thanks for the help

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