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Park Composition and Hatch Times

There are two main suggestion topics I’d like to cover here, though I’m sure both have been brought up before. I like this game a lot and these are a few ways I think it could be improved upon.

My first area of concern is park composition. The aquatic and cenozoic parks don’t have this problem nearly as badly, but the Jurassic section clearly has unbalanced numbers between classes. Currently we have 59 unique carnivore species, 52 unique herbivore species, 31 unique pterosaur species and only 26 unique amphibian species. Despite the fact that amphibians and pterosaurs are sorely underrepresented compared to herbivores and carnivores, we’ve been gotten 6 new carnivores/herbivores compared to 3 new pterosaurs/amphibians this year alone. If anything, we should be seeing the opposite, with twice as many new pterosaurs/amphibians being released compared to carnivores/herbivores. It’s not critical to playing the game or battling since you could in theory get multiple copies creatures to counteract this imbalance, but unique species and a diverse park are always preferable to getting multiple copies of creatures, at least if you ask me.

The second issue would be incubation pods and hatch times. I’ve been playing this game actively since mid 2016, and yet I’m still only at the point where if I want to get every unique species in all of my parks to level 40, that would take over 4,500 days of incubation time to accomplish. Since we have 4 incubators, the real-time value is smaller, but even if I used all 4 incubators 100% of the time, that would still take over three years to do, and that’s completely ignoring any newly released creatures and assumes that I wouldn’t use any incubators to hatch creatures I want to sell. If I wanted to use bucks to speed through hatching them, it would cost over on million dinobucks. The most bucks I’ve ever seen a (non-cheater) player have is about 660,000, which doesn’t cover much more than half. Using hot times hatchery speedup discounts can stretch your bucks, but not by much.

Each new tournament creature adds 56 days of hatching time to get a level 40, 112 if it has a hybrid (56 days to make one level 40 that is consumed for the hybrid, and another 56 for the level 40 you want to display in your park), which can add up very quickly. We’ve had 7 tournament creatures released this year so far, so that’s 392 days of incubator time. In theory, I’d eventually be able to hatch all these creatures, but at this pace it’s practically guaranteed it will take longer than the game’s remaining lifespan. In light of this issue, I would make the following suggestions:

  1. Add more incubators to the game, at least two. I obviously would prefer permanent additions, but maybe you could treat it like the evolution tank where players occasionally get access to two extra pods as an occasional special event. The instant hatch option VIP players get certainly helps but it’s not quite enough to keep up, in my opinion.
  2. Bring back the 10% free speedup. Hatching, evolving or battle cooldowns used to become free at 10% of the initial time or at five minutes, whichever came first. Ludia temporarily removed this, then after player uproar reinstated a nerfed version, where you only get the free speedup at 5% of the remaining time. This is the system currently in the game. Reinstating the 10% free speedup would not only alleviate my perceived issues with incubation time, it would also give all players more flexibility in how they run their parks.
  3. Reduce maximum hatch time. I’m not sure how the formula works, but the time it takes for creatures to hatch is based on how strong they are. I don’t think it’s directly related to the ferocity equation I came up with, but I haven’t done much analysis of hatch times so maybe it is. In general, weak creatures take minutes, strong ones take days, but it is capped at a maximum of 7 days. It either used to be uncapped or have a longer cap, since I can remember when TheGamingBeaver got Antarctopelta and it took nine days to hatch, so that cap has clearly been lowered before and I would recommend lowering it again by 12 or 24 hours.

I’d prefer you take all three suggestions, Ludia, but any combination would be better than nothing. Still, I know the point of a game is to make money and if you determine that taking these suggestions would go against that goal then I can’t blame you for not implementing them. Still, I think these would improve the game and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Sorry for being so long-winded, and thanks for taking the time to read.


Hatch time is more related to rarity and health of the creature, but yes it has been capped at 7 days for as long as I can remember (3+ years), your math is off because I know players that have every creature at max level in the game and some with multiple copies. I should rephrase that to say your math is not wrong but your interpretation of the data is wrong.

Each player gets to focus on what they want in terms of hatching the creatures they want to and in doing so get to take as long or as little bit of time they choose. If you want to speed hatch you better have deep pockets to do so, or you can go the route you are describing which is the no speed version. I do a hybrid approach which aims to maximizing the value of the various discount windows including the DNA ones not just hatchery discounts.

As someone with a zero creature inventory I know you can clear what you want and hatch what you want at a certain point in the game. If you haven’t been playing the game for at least 2-3 years you wouldn’t even have had the chance to unlock every creature and as they add more it just means even longer before you can unlock all of them to even have a chance to max them.

I do not think there needs to be extra incubators or a higher discount rate. Would it be nice if there were, sure, but it is not required to make progression in the game.

Yes the game needs more Amphibians and Pterosaurs, no disagreement there.

I would add if Ludia ever did add an additional hatchery pod I would imagine it would cost 100-500 DB each time you use it, a second additional pod would probably be 500-1000 DB.


I guess that’s the difference between FTP and non-FTP then, because as I said I’ve been very actively playing this game since 2016. I can probably count on both hands the number of days I’ve not checked in on my park in the past 5 years. And yet, in spite of this, I am in the situation I described, with about 4500 days of incubation needed to get level 40s of everything. I could spend all the resources I have and still not even be close, even if I took advantage of hot time discounts. I also have a few rules for myself that govern how I play the game that drastically increase the amount of time I use incubators, which exacerbates this issue.

My point isn’t that the changes I suggested are required to make progress, it’s that the lifetime of the game isn’t long enough to require players to spend 5 years to get to the end-game of an app game. JPB got an 8 year run, I’m hoping JWTG goes longer but can’t assume that it will. None of these changes are “needed,” but they’d all be an improvement.


I guess it depends on your definition of active, but yes those that pay, either through VIP, fidelity, or individual purchases should be further along than a non paying player.

I have been playing since 2018 and by the end of this calendar year I will have everything at level 40 and a lot of them multiple times over including the really expensive tournament hybrids with 5-6 copies of each of them, which I have almost completed and will be circling back to pick up all of the standard tournament creatures that I do not have at level 40. I have ~100 copies that need to be hatched out to complete all of the tournament creatures at level 40.

I have been a VIP member since about 3 weeks into starting the game, so yes I should be much farther along then someone that hasn’t paid that has been as active as I have been.

This game requires either a massive amount of time investment or a large amount of money or something in between but a non player could be where I am given the same amount of elapsed time but they would have needed to devote a substantial more amount of playing time over the same time period.


By “very active” I mean I would estimate that I’ve missed a single-digit number of events since 2017, and all of my incubators are full about 90% of the time. The fact that I’ve been playing this game for two years longer than you and am still pretty significantly behind seems to indicate that VIP gives a pretty significant boost, which is fine. I have around 185 creatures that need to be hatched and something like a dozen new tournament creatures that I don’t have any hatched yet simply because the 4 incubators can’t keep up. Apparently my completionist approach to playing the game is coming back to bite me, since I like to have a 40 30 20 10 of every creature, which more than doubles the amount of time I spend incubating.


I would classify as active as not only completing all of the events which can be done with 30-60 minutes of play time a day, but in addition farming the TH through out the day, and additional PvP to farm resources. These last two items are where real progress can be made on resources, I will be the first to admit I spend probably an unhealthy amount of time on the game (might be my way to justify the money investment in the VIP membership) but it has also earned me an advancement in game play that is hard to keep up with.


To me this isn’t the problem, it’s how we lack certain rarities of dinos, such as amphib Tourney Hybrids, or legitamently ANYTHING to rival or counter the Indo duo.

We have only 1 Amphib Tourney Hybrid, 2 Herb Tourney Hybrids, 3 Ptera Tourney Hybrids, and 6 Carnivore Tourney Hybrids.

It’s just a super carnivore dominated game, and I wish that rather than Ludia adding an equal number of dinos in each class, they would at least give us options to deal with the carnivore heavy meta. Thus Ludia isn’t giving us enough amphibs at the higher end of the game, thus all we can really do is stack up on dinos we already have, such as Gorgosuchus.

Not really. The whole incentive is to spend dbux, either on pods or speeding up times. Yes, there are a massive amount of dinos who take a week to hatch, but you fail to factor in the free speedup times that are given to us. I believe 8h30m is when the free speedup gets unlocked. It may not be what it used to be, but it’s still there.

And if you really are crunched on time, then become a VIP and unlock the instant hatchery. This isn’t a speedrunning game, where you can grind and max out in a year or two, or three.

I have been playing since launch and have invested so much time into the game, and I am just on the breech of getting all dinos to level 40, minus the late-game ones like Indos and Tourney Hybrids where I keep them below lvl 30/20.

60 VIP dinos.

Lets say you want to get every Tourney dino to lvl 40 and only want to use 3 chambers at once, leaving your free chamber used for the quicker hatching dinos.

It takes 8 weeks to get 1 batch of dinos dino to L40, assuming you do 1-1-1 and not all 3 of the same dino at once just for easier math. With that 8 week cycle to get 3 dinos to lvl 40. With just 60 Tourney Dinos, it would take 160 weeks, or about 3 years, which does not include the 5% speed up times. That would essentially equate to a whole 8 week long hatch period being saved just off those speedups alone.

Each new Tourney dino added does not equal 56 days, unless you ONLY use 1 chamber to hatch all 8 copes up until lvl 40. IF you just use 3/4 chambers, it takes 3 weeks to hatch all 8 copies, and the last week you’d only fill up 2/4 of the chambers with that tourney dino.

All in all, I’d say it would take about 4 years or less, to get every 7-day hatch time dino to lvl 40 once just using 3 hatchery chambers.

All about sheer willpower and determination… Or spending dbux or money…


No, I definitely mentioned the 5% free speedup, which, for a 7 day hatch creature, is 8 hours. The 5% speedup helps account for slop in incubation, such as if a creature hatches while you’re asleep or otherwise unable to access the game. It makes up for some or all of that wasted time. It helps, but it’s not enough.

As I explicitly, emphatically, repeatedly stated, I’ve been playing this game for five years and I’m not even close. This is because I want level 40 30 20 10s of everything and my method of reaching that goal takes longer than just shooting for one level 40 of each creature. To use your speedrun analogy, if this were a speedrun, you’re going for any% and I’m going for 100%. I don’t know how much you know about speedrunning but 100% categories usually take much longer than any%.

It adds 56 days of incubation time, and, as I said, incubation time =/= real time because it can be spread across 4 incubators. Believe me, I understand this concept. Also, 56 days of incubation time is the bare minimum for just getting one level 40. Going for the 40 30 20 10 almost doubles incubation time for any given creature, let’s just round up to double. Then, if the creature is being used in a hybrid, getting another 40 to replace the one that’s consumed triples the total hatch time. So, with how I play the game, a tournament creature that’s used to make a hybrid consumes not 56 days, but 168. If all tournament creatures eventually get hybrids that 3 years value you mentioned turns into 9 years, and that’s just for tournament creatures. Your 4 years for every 7 day hatch creature turns into 12 years, for an app game. Does it makes sense now why I’m concerned the life of the game may run out before I complete it?

This of course begs the question, why do I want a 40 30 20 10 of every creature? Simple answer is, this is a collection game and I go about collection games in a pretty particular way. It’s not just enough for me to have had a 40 30 20 10 of every creature at some point during the course of playing the game, I want to have all of them simultaneously, which seems to be the crux of my issues with current incubator numbers and hatch times.

I’ve always known that my preferred way to play the game is a lot more time consuming than the way most people play, but the more time I spend on this forum the more I’m starting to think I might be one of the only people who plays like this, if not the only person.


You are not the only person that plays like this, and I want to make sure that I am clear on that I have no issue with that style of play and I am not giving you a hard time about that.

Since you have played as long as you have you should have amassed a substantial amount of DB along the way and should be continuing to do so each week, which should allow you to speed up your process. For instance I earn around 6-8k a week and am able to speed up 5-6 creatures a week based on this amount. I can do this on a sustained basis every week. Which would mean any tournament creature would only take two weeks maximum to make a level 40. Then add an additional 0.5-1 week so three weeks max if I wanted to make a lvl 40,30,20,10 of each.

Your scenario is looking at the worst case as if you do not have access to this other resource that is available in game for both non paying customers and paying customers to accumulate. And since there is little to no benefit in the amount of DB earned between a VIP and a non paying player this allows this same resource to be utilized the same between these two player bases.


There is some sort of rule according to which the specificity, detailing of the goals will greatly determine the difficulty of its achievement. Imagine your goal is just to play the game for a couple of hours and have some fun. As long as there is no bug preventing you from logging in, any state of affair will accomplish your objective.

If it is true, as it seems, that in order for you to get all the creatures you want it will take an insurmountable amount of time, then the achievement of your goals just hang on real money. I don’t think it would be fair to say that there is such a thing as a wrong goal, or a wrong way of playing. However, it does seem reasonable to expect that kind of trouble if you are not willing to open your (real) wallet. (I do not work for Ludia, as I am suggesting you to expend your money on their game… In a way I think everyone suggested the same.)

It’s quite understandable if someone does not want to expend any money in a game. But it seems clear to me that Ludia does offer a solution to your problem and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not. Not very comforting, I guess, but at least your are not in a dead end.

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