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Park dissapeared

2 days ago, the area in the screen shot used to be a park. (Dark green on the map.) No clue what happened to cause it to not be one anymore.

This was the only park nearby I could get to.
Please help.

Same thing happened to me a few months back. We have a nice size park dedicated to the military called Freedom Park but it’s no longer a park on the map so no park exclusives for me. Unless I go to the other side of town in a 1 block area but still not sure it’s a park on the map either

Still a park on Google maps. But not in the game

sometimes parks dont show but they still act as a park. I got my first turtle today and it was at a small park that doesnt show on the map

This one was large. It’s a cemetary. Nothing spawns far in, but right around the edges, I can find a couple of park spawns. Found a turtle about a week ago. I can’t even check to see if it still is a park because scents don’t attract park dinos right now. Really disheartening. The next closest park that I know of is about a 20 min drive. I can’t get there during the week before it gets dark like I can with this one.

In the past the official company line is that what is classified as a park is determined by their content provider. Aka google.

Now while this platform is powered by google maps doesnt mean everything with show perfectly. And im sure there are methods in place to remove a park if people in charge of the park dont want it used in a mobile game. One thing to have a park on a map platform another for it to attract gamers as wenall found out in pogo.

There is also a strong likelihood that Ludias software doesnt always interpret googles data correctly.

Or like @DanTheObscure said it may not show as a park but still function as well… which would put it in the graphical error category.

Could be any, all or a combination of these reasons.

This game is powered by a platform that is still actively being developed by google…so your gonna have growing pains from that add that to Ludias qa process and im surprised they get as much right as they do.

All valid points. With how little actually spawns at this one, I can’t really tell if it is still classified as one or not. There’s maybe 4-5 spots that spawn anything not on scents. I didn’t see anything while I was there. If scents were working I could’ve popped a 5 min one and checked. Here’s to hoping it’s just a visual bug.

For reference, here’s google map’s image.

I have a few mile stretch of green park space near me. then it cuts off and some houses are there. I found my turtle in the houses area.

So the nearby area may still count as park space

The thing that jumps out at me are both of the two parks mentioned here are both seem to fall into the people in charge most likely dont want hordes of gamers walking through the place.

Pogo launch gave ar games a bad rep for some i can see why a cemetary wouldnt want to have people there catching dinos, killing walkers, or busting ghosts… which are all games the google ar platform services. I can also see why a park with a large disc course might not want people walking around staring at their phones.

Im waiting for google maps to change my closest park which are state game lands for exactly these kind of reasons…