Park Event dinos Sep10 - Sep16


Only Gallimimus and Velociraptor for me!

This is a repeat event from last August month Aug6 - Aug12 park event!


What do you mean exactly same last week? You mean the number of attempts? What’s wrong with it?


@Ulfhednar there’s your answer … no vacation for you


Finally! More raptors!! Now it’ll be like it was before the update


I think he meant same as last month same week!

See the dinos then!


Same a month a go


only they change the days on epic


Maybe it’s a mistake? Or maybe they’re gonna surprise us with a blue hybrid :sweat_smile:


I was hoping for a counter attacker, i dont think raja or concavenator have been in an event yet?


Doesn’t even make sense the days allotted for Epic!!
3 days covering 6 attempts for 2 epics!! This week made sense since there were 5 epic dinos.

Should have given more time for common considering finding the dino of your choice spawned out of 4 is difficult.


The Pryoraptor is my only goal gonna be half way done for Pyrotator or whatever.


My bad, thought that was the same as last week because of the gallimimus.


same dinos doesn’t make any sense at least another dinos, but the same that a month a go? nah. i mean galli it’s ok, ornithomimus i like but…


So er, did I miss something? Why have Erliko G2 but no epic Erliko? I mean we had 5 epics this time around, so it’s not like it would be a problem to add them there.


Praying they made a mistake, and this is gonna change by the time it starts. I was seriously hoping for Raja or Erlik the coming week.
If it isn’t a mistake, this’ll be the first time the weekly event has let me down :confused:


So annoying seems like a waste of time… can have all the pyroraptor in the world but it takes about 3 days to get the irritator for one fuse.


I hope that’s a mistake, too. Three days for Rares (or Commons) would be better than three days for 2 Epics…


48 velociraptors will get me pretty close to my Indoraptor finally. The rest of the week is unexciting

Next weeks dinos? Does any1 know

48 attempts sounds great until you see it’s 2 days and not 3, just like last time.

Well, I’ll still be using as many as I can, regardless of WHAT spawns in what few remaining event locations are still around and not eaten by Strike Towers.

Velociraptor might actually be the one receiving the level-ups and not my I-Rex simply because of the scarcity V-raptor is for me. Better to get the annoying part out of the way and in the meantime have a level 20 V-raptor for cheesing out the epic strike tower events should the Indo be any indication what may come in the future for different types of challenges.


Yeah, after getting mine to 15, I have only 600 DNA left and not going to bother with Pyrri because at least I can see it in the wild, unlike Blue. I can’t see why I wouldn’t go after the fastest dino in the game, regardless of the lack of options to obtain her.

If I am going to go for an eventuality, I may as well work on the one that is the most gruelling.