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Park Event Oct 15 - 21 Rumour

Based on the Dataminers on facebook, next week (Oct 15 -21) Park event will be a rehash of the last week of August Park event!!

What do you think guys? For me, only Galli and Monolo.
Wished the dinos were not a repeat :frowning:

Note: The 9 attempts on Epic was a typo and actual attempts were just 6 (2 Epics * 3 each)

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Really want them to bring back the armor dinos event


Other than the Monolophosaurs there isn’t anything I want this time.

Right now I just want some Brachiosaurus and Gryptosuchus DNA.

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Gryposuchus dna? Why on earth would you want to do that to yourself?


Because I want one for the collection. Gryptosuchus and Brachiosaurus are the only dinosaurs (not hybrids) that I don’t have right now.

I kinda hope this isnt true… but if it is ill be finishimg or really close to finishing my monomimus

I don’t think either of these deserve their own “event”
Maybe just a random lucky epic spawn would do

Armored would be nice … I think this time I’d go the sinoceratops route though.

But In all fairness …I’ll Never say no more Monolophosaurus either

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I seriously won’t worry about it. Once you see one, you never stop running into them :rofl:

I agree but as I’ve never seen a Grypto in the wild and only one Brachiosaur, they are rarer than anything else it feels.

9 attempts at Monolophosaurus would get Monosteg but I’d much rather the armor event seeing as 15 attempts between Sino and Anky would get me Rajakylo and Allosino


Both my kids have gotten brachy spawns out of common scents… i have not and remain 10 from creating it after the last brachy strike…

48 gallimimus. 24 dilos. 9 monos. the rest can live.


I’ll be levelling that monomimus if so!


All I want for Christmas is a goshdarn parasauralophus or 80. We have amargasaurus for days but none of those except occasionally in battle incubators :sob:

Most likely will be a rehash, but with one exception, they’ll chuck in flyers too, so some of those dinos might get replaced.

I’d like to see some bleeders. We haven’t had a Spinosaurus class dinosaur event in, who knows how long. I am itching to use the new bleed mechanic!


Too many tanks with Superiority Strike, along with other dinos with cleansing effect/Immune in current Meta. Most of the people have half of team consisting of tanks.

And to add, bleeders currently don’t have good enough health.

If this is true, then I’ll stock up galli, mono and dilly

Grypo is a park exclusive dino, so you wont see her in any other zone but parks. Not that rare of a spawn though, I see them pretty often.

Brachi is a night only spawn but is global, so you can find her in every zone. Brachi shares the global night epic spawn rate with only 1 other dino. Not that hard to find at night if you can get out.