Park Event Problems


I am very rural and have to drive to a place where I can find 4 park event spinners over 3 locations a couple miles apart. However, the past few days there is not always the special daily dino under the spinner. So I have been going to collect the dinos and finding only one or two instead of four. Please fix this, I am desperate for indom and blue and I am going to NEED three of each and will be totally gutted if only one of them actually appear.

No events at our park
How i find the location of park areas?

Hey TJay, I am very sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding the Featured Dinosaurs. I understand how frustrating this might be.

Unfortunately, dinosaurs don’t always appear under their respective ESD (Event Supply Drop). ESD are locations where these Event Dinosaurs are known to appear - but this doesn’t guarantee that they will be there.

I also recommend checking your game daily to find out which dinosaur is being featured!

To find out more about the special events, please visit our FAQ here:

Please also remember to take caution while exploring and that dinos in-game are not attracted to bodies of water.


The same thing happens to me I had to drive half an hour to get to the next event to find out that is just a common.


Is blue still the featured dino for sunday


Hey Sparrow! If you want to see which dinosaur is being featured, don’t forget to check your game daily!

If you would like to stay in the loop on what’s new, you can connect with our community through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in addition to the Ludia Forums.






If dinos don’t like water…explain these:


For some reason yesterday I kept getting “Error” message when I tried darting new dino at all 3 of our parks. I logged out of game to see if that would solve problem… But it only made it worse, instead of error message now the dino was phasing out when I got close to it.
Its was almost as bad when I went to AMC and their was no supply drop anywhere, just a blue shape diagram of theatre, lol.


I only recently started to play. We live in a small village and there are never any events at our park. I’ve been to a bigger village once where it seemed like every inch of green had special events going on, so I wonder what qualifies as a place for events to take place? Can I contact anyone to look into this? Many thanks in advance. image


here in my city i only have one green suply drop, and fond no park areas until now

even the local zoo is not a green area on this game…

(this image is only to ilustrate)

i think the dino spaw on these areas is better no? but i dont find any of these areas to farm dinos :frowning:


Where i live i have to drive for 20 min just to find 1 event spawn point… while we have a park bigger than that place in our village itself… why cant they make an event spawn over there?


ok, Pokémon Go it is …