Park event qol suggestion

For the first time, I was simply unable to complete my attempts for rares (11/24).

I suggest that attempts be cut in half, and dna per dart is doubled.

Will make park attempts a lot more exciting, and make it easier to actually consistently complete these.

I spent more than 4 hours across 3 sessions looking, as well as just normal errand driving around. And couldn’t complete it.

Feels bad.


It was a struggle here too and couldn’t get close to get max time on many. The whole time I was thinking 4 or more dinos should be 3 days not 2. Edmund was everywhere yesterday, now he and I are on a first name basis :wink:

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I didn’t finish either. :frowning: I got all attempts for my hubby cuz I just darted whatever, but I only wanted tenonto and ran out of time. :frowning:

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02 ruined my hopes :frowning:

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Realized quickly I would have to start darting Tricera as well as Tenonto to have any chance of getting to 24 and I still had to do extra driving last night to max attempts.

2 days for 36 or 24 attempts and 3 days for 9 attempts still does not compute.


Got my 24 tenonto. Took both days though

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