Park events - I chose wrong :(

I went for sinos. I should have gone for ankys. Rinex is apex, easily.

But tryko? Needs a level above apex. Goodness. This thing is STRONG.

I will be working toward it now :grin:


I went all tries for Anky. Not long ago we had a poll for the cutest Dino.I believe that there will be an event with Sinos then.

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i did for anky…i can only find 1-2 a whole week…

sino maybe 4-5 a week

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I split… kinda happy… decided to work on allosino with my sino… thor is easier to make and at equal levels beats tryko… so theres that… plus i encounter anky so rarely leveling tryko would be limited to incs and events… so hes on the back burner for now

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