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Park events question?


Does opening the green drops have anything to do with spawning! Basically I am at my limit for coins and cash so don’t see the point of bothering unless there is another benefit!


I think all you get now is darts up until you’re limt then you’ll need to wait till you’re new day starts I’m not sure when that is I’m afraid


That part I know! But trying to find out if they have anything to do with event dinosaurs spawn


Something else! Will all 4 common spawn at the same time or is it only 2 at a time and you have to get rid of one by darting it


Opening it dosen’t change anything. Just wait for the current creature to despawn and wait for a new one to spawn in.


How long generally will it take for a common to despawn


Every dino stays for about an hour.


Based on my observations, all the dinos do not despawn at same time. I have seen 1 dino despawn and get replaced while rest of them remain and sometimes 2 at a time.

Commons change every 1hr, with despawn gap from 5mins to 5mins.


Well it doesn’t work that way regardless if ludia says it does! At this point if ludia says water is wet I would question it!

I was in a huge park yesterday ALL day and 4 gallimumus spawned I went back at 6:30 this morning and there 2!

Btw the park has 10 green drops! At one point I wasted a bunch of attempts and cleared all the event dinosaurs and still after 2 hours no gallimemous!

They know what we want and simply don’t give it to us!

I am done with park events! At least for me they are a colossal waste of time!


I think I read somewhere that commons will take an hour whereas rare dinos will take 5 hours.


I went to 2 parks today and not a single gallimemous. Hopefully this evening he’ll appear. The respawn does seem rather random with some green stops not even having a dino attached to it.


They didn’t though! I literally spent 7:00 am to 5:pm at the park yesterday and I got 4 galli and 3 raptors! I packed a picnic lunch! I really wanted Monomimus! However I spotted 20 tanycolegrus which by some strange coincidence I have 15,000 dna! And of course deinonychus that I also have excess dna for!

Kind of strange just like 90% of the dinosaurs that spawn around me are also ones I have allot of DNA!(not in parks)


Gallimemous is done at 9:00 am this morning Eastern time! Now the rares are up


I caught train up and down coastal area with loads of parks got about 35 had to do some extreme travelling to get the numbers though.still got 60 DNA to go for monomimus :sweat:


Parks for me are far and few without driving hours!


That’s why the train rocks! At least if where you are one goes near parks! sure may only be 1-2 of creature you want at 1 park but if you go past 200 parks…