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Park Expansion Troubles

I am at level 56 and despite recieveing “new expansion” cards as usual when you level up I’m unable to pay for said expansions in coins. I can only use bucks.

Is this normal?

This might be normal. If, for example, while you were at level 55 you used bucks to pay for an extension then you are effectively paying those 200DB to use in advance the expansion you gain when levelling up to level 56.
This isn’t explained anywhere in the game as far as I know, but really should be.
I believe also that you can only have five extensions in advance so if you level up ten times without expanding then you can still only buy 5 extensions with coins. After that its DBs. (I might be wrong here, but like I said it’s not explained anywhere in the game that I know of)

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I paid 200 bucks for most of my expansions. Once you have started paying bucks for them you seem to end up always paying bucks.

It is the price for rushing ahead. The benefit is the massive xp you get for each expansion.

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@BinoDucks is correct if you are level 56 you can have 61 plots cleared with coins after that it costs DB. If you have sped up you progress of park expansions with DB you need to catch your park level up with the number of cleared plots to start paying with coins again.

The main island has 64 total plots available as a data point.

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Is there a limit on expansions in Isla Sorna? I am level 85 and although it looks like there are plots to expand I have not ability to do so.

It is temporarily limited. There will be more expansions available when they increase the highest number of levels for players in one of their updates to come.

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You can review our discussion of expansion unlocks on this thread, starting at about post 192

Thank you for the useful information. I used bucks a couple of times to expand the park.