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Hello everyone!
As you can see, im a lvl 41 no vip player who just recently learned that he could maximize cash income by using decorations on the right spot…
I really enjoy the game and I normally manage to do the missions and events on a decent difficulty but I want to become even better. Specially on tournaments in which I fight alot to keep on the low end of predator league ( always really hard batles for me because of my low lvl dinos. Nonetheless, what tips and help do you guys have to give me? Should I rearreange my park to get more coins or invest more on the TH or are there any tricks that I am missing out?

Thank you all for reading and for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Bruno_Pereira: I’d advise that the most important thing for you to decide in Jurassic World: The Game is kind of the most important thing for you to decide in life:

What’s your main goal?

Sorry, that was deep. Back to the game. It really depends on what you want to do. Do you want to collect one of every creature? Do you want to excel in the combat arena? Do you want to fill all your paddocks? Do you want to get your creatures all to level 40 (in which case, especially as a VIP, you won’t be able to collect all creatures)?

I ask all that because once you decide that, you can decide how you want to play. I originally wanted to get every creature and get each creature to level 40. That’s not a sustainable goal unless you pay real money in. So now my goal is to collect each creature in order of DNA cost and get each creature to level 40. I’ve been playing for two years now, and I am at the Dunkleosteus, if that gives you any clue. Now, along the way, I’ve made a lot of the hybrids as they become available (if a creature is part of a hybrid, I get two of them to level 40; when I get the second creature in the hybrid to level 40, than I make the hybrid).

When there is a discount on (e.g., hybrid dinosaurs 15% off), I’ll buy the highest ferocity creature I can afford. This tactic has allowed me to be fairly competitive in the arena. It was a little over a year before I finished in Dominator. Now I consistently finish in the 60s in Dominator (two years in).

I tell you all that not to bore you (though I probably did) but to give you one way to play the game. There are hundreds of others.

To answer your specific questions, it’s always a good idea to maximize coin production, though you’ll probably eventually get to where you have way more than you need.

As for trade harbor, when you get to having max coins, it’s great to buy loads of Apatosaurus fossils; they give you the best trades. When I get to max coins, I load up on 50-some Apatosaurus fossils, which usually last me close to a month before I trade them all away.

I hope all that makes some sense.

Short version if tl;dr: decide what your goal is, and play in order to achieve that goal. Most important: have fun. Freemium games can frustrate you quick (their goal is kind of to get you to where you pay money to advance, especially by paying to shorten hatching and fusion times). If you’re frustrated, decide what you can do that would not be frustrating.


I’m far from an expert but i’m non VIP. Unfortunately the game just takes time, especially being non VIP.

My only tips is to try and get your coin production high enough that you routinely have a decent surplus. This allows you to keep buying expensive decorations like Hammond statues and Apatosaurus fossils for both boosting your coin production and keeping in your inventory for the TH. (not sure when those become available for purchase) And is having lots of coins is good for other trades as well.

Other than that just try and keep winning the PvE’s and whatever else you can and collect as many legendary dino’s as you can, work on getting them to lvl 40. The lvl 40 legendaries can still be useful later in the game especially in tournaments. Some of the super rare hybrids are decent at lvl 30 even after you get stronger dinos too. Try and keep things balanced the best you can, probably hold off on making any legendary hybrids until later in the game when you can make 3 or more and get them to lvl 20 in a short span. At lvl 10 they are not better than lvl 40 legendaries and at lvl 20 they jump up quite a bit.

Save your LPs for 10 or 20 k packs. the 10k packs are a nice but you can’t control what you get. I’ve got 3 dino’s out of my last 12 packs :confused: Saving for a 20 k pack to ensure you get a dino you want/need can be worth it IMO

Really just keep grinding, it takes time.


Hello friend, as they mention it is best to keep moving slowly until you get legendary in decent nvl, you will go up quite as soon as you can unlock the fossil apatosaurus. To collect coins and exchange them for adn, DB or loyalty points, give around 250-400.

Personally I focus on unlocking the indomimus, and buying more the days and hours when there are discounts on hybrids, for about 25k of DNA. I’m 6 now. Together with a VIP nvl 20, a diplotator nvl 40 and a legendary nvl 40 is the strongest I have.

That with a pair of legendary nvl 30 amphibians, a stegoceraptor nvl 30 and 4 vip nvl 10 caught up with me to get to the bottom of dominating last tournament. Before that I did like 8 tournaments finishing in Predator.

That’s how you can optimize your coins


That was funny and interesting at the same time!
Actually, what I was doing besides the quests and battles was completing the badges for whatever reason but i found out some dinos are impossible to get so I partially gave up. Now I am more or less doing what you are doing but with a litle switch because I am trying to get all normal comons to 40 and then normal rares and so on.
I am still trying to figure out the HB best trades. I am always afraid of doing a bad trade :grimacing:
I will try and invest in some of those fossil for now in order to maximize my coin intake.
Thank you very much for all the info
Really helpful

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@Subxero11 i am going to go for those fossil for now to help me get more coins, seems like the recommend thing
About the 10k packs, i only opened two and I got mastodonsauros (best dino atm, guarented win in tournament) and an aquatic one (:sleepy:) lets see if this week i get another good dino. If i get unlucky two more times i will switch. I am so unlucky with packs so probably gonna have to start saving for 20k :joy: so many near misses of op dinos…
Thank you for your advices

@MIGUEL_ALEJANDRO_PAL yeah, i will have to wait for a bit more time to get to dominator, i am surprised i can keep on predator with my weak dinos, i am lucky the AI plays are easy to predict most of the times, unless I match against lvl 30+ legendary tournement :joy:
Gonna buy some fossil and re arrange the dinos. In some days I will make an update for future reference
Thank you so much!

Quick update, actually I still cant buy the fossil :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i must have gotten one in a pack

The best currency is the loyalty (JW) points. I only use them on the 10k packs of creatures. All have a 6-hour hatch time, and they are powerful creatures.

Cash is second most valuable; it’ll open up those other fusion chambers. Otherwise, I only use mine on the hatchery discount and the very rare worthwhile gyrosphere (there have only been two worthwhile gyrospheres in my whole time playing: the Death Dodo gyrosphere and the Raptor Pack gyrosphere).

Third most-valuable is DNA. Hang on to it. Especially as a VIP, you have no way of generating it in your park.

Food is fourth, coins are fifth. I get most of my food from the trade harbor (trading buildings and MODs, mostly). Never trade anything for coin. I also do the reverse; I’ll trade coin for anything, since coin is so easy to come by. Whatever I get I can use, even if it’s only for another trade later.

Loyalty points (and thus loyalty creatures) are your best friend.

As far as decorations, eventually Apatosaurus fossils and John Hammond Memorials are the best decorations and the way to go. Everything else pales in comparison. Play long enough, too, and you’ll have plenty of boss statues to sprinkle around here and there.


@HanSoloWannaBe Actually I only played the gyrosphere once and it was in the beggining, but not going to play it more because the prizes are not worth the 250 cash.
One thing just to be sure, is it worth it to upgrade the food factory to lvl 7 for 1000 cash? With my math, it seems too short of an increase for that many cash and in the long time even worse

not really IMO, once you get access to the fossil and hammond decoration you will routinely get trade offers, something like 1 fossil for 900,000 food. It becomes fairly easy to stock pile a few million food this way. And until you start making lvl 40 legendaries or stronger dinos you won’t burn through all that much food.


Four square decorations are your best friend and the ones you want to stack on your park, I did a video about this in this thread…

@HanSoloWannaBe words of wisdom are correct once you decide what you want your goal to be you can design your play style around that.

The game is a grind but I consider it a fun grind with all there is to do within the game itself.


As your creatures get higher level, they eat a lot more. The food center is basically free food (yes, it costs coins, but you can configure your park to produce a ton of coins, more than you need in most cases) once you max it out. It may not make sense to pay the 1000 Dinobucks today, but I think it makes sense in the long run to have that food constantly cooking


Maybe it’s better to wait a 5 levels for going wild on the decorations for max coin generation, as @Sionsith mentioned, for non-VIP players the John hammond statue is the best one. I rearranged my park like he advised in his video, and my coin production got a real boost. U can use a layout like this for maximum usage:


I never paid too much attention on optimizing my park for maximum coin production. It comes automatically in time, but this ‘no strategy’ is not very effective, of course, for people who want fast results.


Agree that the decorations that take up 4 squares only are the best ones. Early on in the game, I wrapped all my paddocks with Triceratops statues. They give a pretty decent boost at your level and are quite cheap. Once I unlocked the Hammond statue, I gradually worked on replacing all of them with the better Hammond. And now, much further on in the game, I’ve replaced over half of THOSE with clock towers… by far the best decoration, but fairly hard to get for non-VIPs. There’s different ways to arrange your paddocks and decorations, but generally you want to maximize how many paddocks your decorations reach while working on building up the numbers of them. I pay attention to which of my paddocks have the best coin production (my spreadsheet has the coin rates on the Jurassic data sheet but the total for the paddock is going to depend on how many dinos are in there and what levels) and make sure those have the most decorations around to boost them.

Agree that the 10K packs are what you want to save LPs for. I personally did only the 10K packs for about the first 8 or 9 months that I played as a VIP, until I had a fairly good collection of all the different ones you can get in that pack. Only recently have I started to want to pick which ones to get (although I personally don’t buy 20K packs, I wait for trades for the ones I want, but those only VIPs get).

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Don’t worry about getting into dominator consistently right now. The Pred league rewards are really good especially at lower levels and when you don’t have your legendaries at lvl 40 yet.

Tournament dino’s tend to need to be lvl 21-30 to be better than lvl 40 legendaries and even then they are only slightly stronger. And you are most likely going to have to purchase the other 3 with DNA ~ 6.5k each give or take. The twin legendary pack for finishing is Pred is great for building your dino’s up and there are so many other events that give legendaries as rewards that eventually you can get a few legendaries to lvl 40 without even having to purchase them with DNA.

It definitely feels good to get new dino’s but a lot of the time they just sit in the park not being of much use. Personally i wouldn’t worry about making too many hybrids, in the end a lot of them will just sit and do much of nothing as their stats just are not that great or much better than lvl 40 legendaries if at all making them not very useful for tough events when you get later in the game. Pick a couple to focus on, maybe try to keep things around the ferocity of the lvl 40 legendaries. By staying in that range you can get a pretty balanced and deep bench of dino’s which will allow you to be competitive in any events.

One nice thing about the Hammond statues is that their bonus reaches completely through all paddocks. So if you do a row system you can put a row of carno/amphib, touching a row of herb/pterosaurs, and a row of statues, the statue will then boost through the 1st row to the 2nd row. Then do the same on the other side of the statue, 1 statue can touch 16 paddocks.


Your guys parks look so much better than mine

Sorry for only answering now but yesterday was my first forum day and had a cap of 10 posts. Thank you all for all these really useful informations! I will make my park more organized and keep you updated!. :slight_smile:


Well, the lame creatures are needed to do the missions. I cant have 100 super rare cards atm, but 100 common is easier😅