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Park layout advice

Ok then, thanks a lot :heart::heart:

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Np, if my tower wasn’t there I would have gotten 378% boost max (6 rows of 9 JHs, 54×7%). The 391% is because of the clocktower.

I’m gonna currently use 2 rows of jhon hammonds. Once I have max coin, I’ll likely upgrade to a 3-rows design. ( Like yours )

Wish me luck :joy:

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Good luck, it’s a pain redesigning layouts when the game crashes all the time due to picking up statues.

Yeah, that issue is annoying

The max decoration layer you can have are 3:

2 layers of Park Oaises (the best non-vip decoration in the game) then an outer layer of JH statues (the best decoration in terms of range).

Since your park is 2 layers of decorations, Oaises would be the decoration if choice.

@Bandeezee is actually incorrect. The JHs should only be used on the 3rd/outside of the paddocks, because JH decorations are best for their range, not %.

Here us my layout, where the clock towers would be park Oaises for you:

I have done an extensive thread about decorations here:


How is two rows of Park Oasis better than 3 rows of JHs?

Please show how my calculations are wrong. I calculated a max percentage of 240% for Oasis (4 rows of 6 Oasis, 24×10%) vs 378% for JH (6 rows of 9 JHs, 54×7%). This is all to reach a 4x4 paddock.

Edit: I will say @Sionsith helped me by saying a smartly placed Oasis here and there in the middle row actually increases percentage, but you have to make sure the increase is more than the JH is replacing.

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I have actually calculated the percentages by placing and moving decorations.

This is what examples I can provide in my very tiny free space:

3 layers of JH:

2 layers of PO and 1 JH:

Basically im too tired to explain, but the Oaises provide a better albeit tiny percentage increase. Its not just about smart Oasis placement.

Offset the JHs and CTs by 1 space. Park Oaises stay inline with paddocks.

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On your top pic, you can squeeze in another JH on the left, 3 more actually because of the rows. It should be one in the middle, then 4 on each side that can reach, for a total of 9. Hence my 6 rows of 9 that can reach. The pic I posted proves my percentage of 378%. It just shows 371% because my collection tower took the spot off 1 JH docking 7%.

Edit: I will say my park Oasis calculation was off, 6 can reach like you showed, but it’s still only a max of 366% vs 378%.

Yep I did. Corrected above.

Still too tired to explain this, so I will tomorrow. Paddock type plays a part in this as well due to the difference in sizes.


Bought a few Oasis statues and yes, for a 5x5 paddock they are more beneficial 394% if you have them on both sides vs 378% for 3 rows of JHs on both sides.

Keep in mind, if you plan on using this pattern for several rows of dinos you would need 5 rows of decorations to make it work above and below vs only 3 rows of JHs. So space may become a factor. Also, I’m not sure the benefit of the 5x5 paddock increase overcomes the 4x4 paddock increase since you can fit more 4x4 paddocks in a row than 5x5 paddocks. Again, it depends on space and how many paddocks you have in a row.

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So basically, in the future, my park is gonna be 90% decorations and 10% actual dinos :rofl:


Thanks a lot for the advice everyone, it’s very much appreciated :heart:

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As you can see currently, I have @OstaposaurusBae pattern above and below my two rows of dinos, but my 3 row pattern in the middle with clocktowers in the very middle giving me 525% boost (except when a collection tower gets in the way).

So if I wanted to use this design, I’ll have 3 rows of decorations. 2 jhon hammonds on the outside and 1 oasis in the middle ( replacing the clock towers), right ?

I’m honestly not sure since Oasis only reaches 3 instead of 4 like clocktowers. In a nutshell, I believe it will benefit the 5x5 paddocks, but not the 4x4 paddocks. So if it’s between two rows of 4x4 paddocks I would use JHs in the middle. If it’s between two rows of 5x5 paddocks, then Oasis. If it’s between 4x4 and 5x5 paddocks, then probably Oasis, but again it would depend on how many 4x4 paddocks you have compared to 5x5 paddocks in the rows.

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Yes, I tried it out too that’s depends on length for herbs/pteras, longer the more better jh are.

For 2 rows jh reaches a little higher percentage in the middle but more drop off at the end, so hammonds are better if the line is long.

What about 4x4 paddocks ? What are the percentages ?

Okay, thanks a ton

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Similar but oasis are better in 2 rows than jh