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Park layout advice

Yes, I tried it out too that’s depends on length for herbs/pteras, longer the more better jh are.

For 2 rows jh reaches a little higher percentage in the middle but more drop off at the end, so hammonds are better if the line is long.

What about 4x4 paddocks ? What are the percentages ?

Okay, thanks a ton

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Similar but oasis are better in 2 rows than jh

The conclusion I drew : In general, a 2-row design is better with the use of park oasis, while s 3-row design is better with the use of 2 hammonds and 1 park oasis in the middle

For 4x4 yes, 5x5 is a little more wierd. if the strip is long, pure hammonds are better, if it is not oasis are better because better percentage at the ends.

Ok , thanks a lot

Sorry to everyone If I troubled you :sweat_smile: thanks again

I don’t believe so, for two rows of 4x4 paddocks, JHs can get 252% max (4 rows × 9JHs × 7%). It’s already shown above that if you offset the JHs on the 4x4 paddocks, 9 will reach them. Oasis only has a max of 240% in two rows (4 rows × 6 Oasis × 10%).

Edit: so I believe if you’re only doing 2 rows, JHs are better no matter if you’re doing 4x4 or 5x5 paddocks depending on how long your rows are because JHs give less at the end paddocks when you run out of space.

If the difference is this tiny, I’m just gonna use oasis because of their cheaper price :joy:

I’m kinda having a coin crisis :rofl:

So ok I retried and yes jh does seem to be better

My mistake was adjusting the paddock while having oasis out but not noticing that for jh it was bad placement

So I will probably be changing my long strip from oasis to jh even though it will look worse

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