Park layout - cant decide


I cant decide how my park should looks like, so i ask of you, can i see park layout of senior players? I xare about appearance no production now. (screenshot pls)

Thank you :joy:


I second that
Whenever I get something I just place it wherever I have space :joy:

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I have my amphibians carnivores herbivores and pterosaurs all separate on Nublar, my Common-Super Rare hybrids together on Nublar, then my legendary and tournament hybrids together on Sorna

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Oh yes , yesssss

My park is all dinosaurs - wildlife preservations - rainforest pavillions only mostly, and also those fountains

only exception I give is my entrance where I place two comma towers, a hologram museum, my VIP buildings, a Sicenice Museum, a Jungle Bean Coffee Shop, some decos and that is it lol

Isla Sorna on the other hand is the opposite

Dino with 1 row of jh, 1 row of oasis and then 1 row of jh in between each row of Dino

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Like this:


This is how I have it set up for now, but as my better dinos paddocks fill up and I don’t need the lower dinos for coins, I plan on changing it to more decorations and less dinos. This will benefit my code 19s as well to get more DNA.


This thread right here is what you need


By appearance, do you mean just aesthetics? So like how a real “jurassic world” park would look like? Instead of the coin generator with the dinos in rows? Because that is how i did mine as I also care more about how my park would look like if it was an actual zoo with people walking lol.

So I decide to rebuild my park back, how it looks before rebuild with a small changes. It just looks Best for me

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I love how it looks!
Way better than my ugly park with buildings and dinos spammed wherever they can fit….

Almost how my park looks like on Nublar, natural looking

Slightly OT, but how exactly do you get the VIP Clock Towers? I got one as a reward, but otherwise is the only option to buy the packs with LPs, or getting them on the Trade Harbor?
Like VIP Dinosaurs, they cannot be unlocked?


I think they can be purchaseable via VIP packs, and prize drops as well


Best bet is to get them from trade harbor (I only trade DNA for them, or if coins is an option, but I’ve never gotten that offer). I wouldn’t recommend wasting CTs on trying to get them.

Edit: By coincidence, just got an offer that I accepted.


I know Cloak towers are best for coin productions, but I love that fountains and how the park looks with them, and that more important for me. I don’t have problem with a lower coins production. As I love that VIP Lagoons and science centers, thats why I have many there

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They can be purchased for 4000 LP in a pack when they come around, offered in the TH but sometimes for ludicrous amounts of dbux/DNA, or through CTs.

CTs are far harder when you aren’t a VIP.

If you are VIP then you can amass a ton of clocktowers through coins → decorations CTs.

I have over a thousand of them in my park, to where every inch is covered in clocktowers:


All buildings including the VIP buildings offer far worse coin generation than the lowest coin-producing dinos, just an FYI.