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Park level 91 and sudden change to Isla Sorna missions

Hello! I’m new on the forum, but I’ve read many of the posts with interest. I’m not an experienced player, but I have reached park level 91. I got surprised when the story line suddenly changed from Isla Nublar to Isla Sorna without any natural end to the first story line or any introduction to the new story or characters. I guess many here at the forum were max level before Isla Sorna was added, but I still would like to ask if somebody else has experienced the same or can give me some satisfying explanation…

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Your park level doesn’t change the story missions, but after Episode 51 Sorna is added to the story missions. While I’m not too familiar with what story is told in said missions, It’s normal for this sudden change of story pace from Nublar to Sorna. The Episodes are their own progression so it’s not tethered to your park level. With Ludia adding new park levels and subsequent story missions the story is still just unwritten.

You can see said story missions here:

Just go to the tab that says “Story Missions” and scroll down to Episode 51.


You’ll be more surprised when you finish all of the missions…

Yeah, the story missions are like in the document, so then I guess there is nothing out of the ordinary in my game. Thank you very much for the link. :grinning: Now I can plan ahead and reorganize my park according to coming missions. I didn’t have a single dinosaur on Isla Sorna…