Park map not complete


Since the games release I’ve been waking up every morning and walking to my local park, but I’ve noticed the map is a bit funky and some event dinos are in place we can’t reach. Who else is having this problem?


This is how the park looks on Pokémon Go for comparison


Pokemon Go uses OSM for the roads not Google Maps.
Basically you would have to complain at google not Ludia because they only use what they are given from google.


As far as i know PoGo utilises something similar like open street maps (link below). Take a look for yourself; it is FAR more accurate because actual people can access it. Hence why Google Maps is such a mess really and will never be fully up-to-date. Nobody can edit it. I also believe it is a way older version; there is a new street a couple of meters away from my house but in-game it isn’t shown. That proves to me they utilise older versions of a map.

I submitted two additional parks but both didn’t got placed, thanks google. OSM can be edited by anyone and i believe it would be so much better for JWA to step over to a much better map system like this one compared to google maps, its just too flawed. Just like in PoGo they utilise an older version of the map so players cant cheat and create dodgy areas but you get the idea; if anyone wants to add a park or… It can of should be done by the community, not a billion dollar company… Cause it ain’t going to happen. By looking at my neighborhood every single small town park has been marked as a park; in other words; green zones where there should be green zones. Only the big nature reserve i go to us smaller but 50% of the entire zone isn’t ‘walkable’ since you have to cross tall grass. Its very rural; no walking paths but one.

In the end it would take so much time to create every little park and… But i believe this would create a far more accurate map for JWA and even so much better. Way more possibillities as well; you can add very small details like benches to sit on, for example. A great example of where a supply drop could be. You could work with levels; anyone trusted on the forum and on the maps system could submit changes really. Proof with irl pictures, google maps and edited ground would be sufficient but again it would take quite some time and efford to regulate this all. Imo in the end it still would be worth it.