Park no longer green


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Bug Description: My local park is no longer green on the map and the green icon on the park have turned orange like it’s a normal street icon
This mean I no longer have access to the event dinosaurs on park which means I am not having the same chances as other people.
Could you sort this bug fix plz or I’m going to miss out on epic dinosaurs.

Area is was found in:Leicester, saffron lane,

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-
Step 2 -
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How often does it happen:constent

What type of device are you using:Samsung s7

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Hey Keebz, the supply drops and park locations within the game could always change, take a look at our FAQ here for more information:


Hi Ned

Thank you for the feedback that would explain why my park disappeared off the map.

Is there any chance that the park can be put bk for my (poi) please so I can carry on expanding my dinosaur levels quicker