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There was another thread discussing park layouts, but it hasn’t been used and didn’t want this counted as necro posting. But liked the suggestion from @Timmah for showing park layouts to get feedback.

For such an old park, I’m a little ashamed it’s so underdeveloped… And second island is still just a dumping ground for me. So no pictures of that one yet. Goal of this main island is just for ease of coin collection. So have my beacon centered so it can collect everything on this island all at once. And only dinos with 3 hour+ coin collection times live on main island. But since the island is mostly just for coin collection… Feel it should be optimized to the max. As well, have been paying for VIP for less than a year. So design is what I’ve come up with… Still working on replacing Hammond statues and Oases with clock towers. Started a couple weeks ago taking the advice of @Potato to trade coins for decorations.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!!

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How many coins are you getting now and what is your goal?

Currently getting about 65-70k/3 hours on that island I think? No specific goal… just optimization. I know that as I continue to hatch and evolve, coin production will continue to increase. So if I just have the most efficient layout… then I will always know that it’s doing what it can. If that makes sense?

First off Happy Birthday @BruceRex, I am assuming you meant 65-70M coins every three hours which is solid coin generation. I only see a few spots where I would eliminate Hammond statues and move your section to the right (whole section south of the Aquatic park). The three rows of Hammond’s does not help if you were to eliminate the three rows and have your clock towers against that section of Herbivores you would get a measurable increase there. Overall I think the layout looks good, you could drop some revenue towers if any of your creatures have less than a 3 hour refresh to collect sections depending on how often you are checking into the game.

Thank you Chris! Quite the birthday this year… And yes… definitely 65-70M not k… not sure what I was thinking. Guess I shouldn’t have been posting while attending webinars! For the south area, wouldn’t it make sense to have the extra row of Hammond’s in between 2 rows of clock towers? The plan was to replace the two rows of Hammond’s closest to the herbivores. Just haven’t gotten that far yet. Thank you for the feedback! Maybe I can try switching some out and include revenue towers in certain areas since many of the shorter timed coin collecting dino’s are more productive overall. And… I might check into the game plenty. It’s a nice distraction (regularly) throughout the day.

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Eventually if you are going to replace two rows of the hammonds with clock towers yes it would be better to have the third row of Hammonds in between. But you are also then using twice the clock towers for only a marginal boost on those paddocks.

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That makes sense. I guess if I moved that whole setup closer to the herbivores, is there anything you would suggest I use the newly opened space for?

@BruceRex their is no wrong way to setup your park just some more efficient ways there are some very smart players in this forum just to name a few @Sionsith @Tommi @HanSoloWannaBe

here is a few pictures of my park from both islands I don’t ever have a problem with coins


Thank you for that @Lora_Green, but in terms of coins production I am absolutely not smart. I’m no longer interested in an optimal organization of my decorations to maximize coins production for quite a while now. I only have a number of Hammond relicts from older times in my park and since I’m producing several hundred millions coins per day I plan to get rid of all my decorations one day in the future.
And considering the experience and lineup you are far ahead of me.


Thank you @Lora_Green! It looks like most of your paddocks would have about 200% more than mine. I’ll have to consider if I get bored enough to re-organize the main island again… Definitely never have times where I’m short on coins for anything I want. I just collecting… and optimization!

Thank you to all of you for advice!

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I’ve been meaning to reorganize my park for sometime, so decided to take the plunge and start working on it. 600 Hammond statues stashed in my market later…

Of course, the TH immediately decides it’s the perfect time to drop a big coins to food offer on me that I’ve been waiting to get for a couple weeks and immediately depletes my coins! Typical.


Picture 4: You have placed a row of clock towers and a row of Hammonds next to the carnivore paddocks (2 rows deep). The Hammonds that are located in the middle of the paddocks reach 5 paddocks, while the Hammonds that cross the seams reach 4 paddocks. Similarly, the clock towers that are in the middle of paddocks reach 3 paddocks while the clock towers that cross the seams reach 4 paddocks. Rearrange these two rows so that the clock towers cross the seams and Hammonds are in the middle of the paddocks - every moved clock tower and Hammond will get an extra paddock this way.

Picture 5: Swap the position of the four Hammond statues and the clock towers next to them. Also place the clock towers so that they touch the yard’s edge near the cenozoic dome. Also swap the 12 Oasises that don’t reach both paddocks with Hammond statues - Two Hammonds are better than one oasis.

Pictures 3-5: You have two lines of clock towers between carnivore paddocks. Remove two clock towers from the line, one from the end of each row, and shift all clock towers by one square. This way, the clock towers that cross the seams of the paddocks each reach 8 paddocks instead of 6. You’ll actually get more % with less towers this way and none of the paddocks loses out.

Picture 8: Make sure that each clock tower on the edge reaches at least 3 paddocks and are preferably on locations where Hammonds would only get 3 paddocks as well.

@Lora_Green You’ll get better bonuses if you remove one tower from the end of each line that buffs carnivore/amphibian paddocks place the towers so that there are towers that are in the middle of a paddock and towers that cross the seams between paddocks - each paddock gets seven clock towers per line instead of six (other than the two paddocks on the edge of the line, which get the same amount of towers as before).

Take a picture of what you are talking about

I think this is what they are talking about:

On carnivore and amphibian paddocks it is best to have your towers not line up with the paddocks. If you offset the entire row on both side one square each paddock will get hit by additional clock towers.

Since my clock towers are offset I hit each paddock with seven clock towers on each side, which is 14 when you do them two deep.


@Sionsith thanks now I understand what y’all are talking about when I get a chance I’m going to change them thanks for the pictures

Thank you @Agantas for the detailed response! I’m definitely going to be adjusting now! Lots of good information on this thread!

How the heck are you all getting so many clock towers? I’m lvl 54 and I have one. I just unlocked the hammond. I also have another question about coins if you don’t mind. I’m stocking up on multiple lvl 40 commons (buying with DNA) to mAke more coins. Should I be getting hybrids to make coins? I was considering making some to unlock And buying them to make level 40 hybrids but when I saw how much they cost in dna I thought no way. Any advice is appreciated. Any other tips to get my park in a place where I can generate coins please. I have been doing the apatosaurus custom for LP so I never seen to gAin coins since they cost so much. I also keep one on hand and she always trades like 590k more than they cost so I Make a little there. Thanks!

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Coin production is really a factor of time, decorations do help, but the best thing you can do is just continue to hatch out all the creatures you get from daily rewards and make sure you collect them as you play. The more you hatch and evolve your creatures the higher your coin production will become. Also almost any paddock is better than any building so make sure you have all of your paddocks out and get some Hammonds around them when you can.


I tried off setting my clock towers and I gained nothing the % is still the same

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