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Park scent reroll bug still active for ALL scents. You can't explain this

Swift Theropod Scent was active. At minute 16:00 of the scent (on 17th September at approximately 18:02 Bucharest time) it attracted Erlikosaurus G2 (rare) and Erlikosaurus (epic) while I was in a park. I tapped and captured the Erliko G2, then the scent rerolled the Erlikosaurus into a useless Gallimimus. See photo below:

Then I decided to test something with a normal scent.
At minute 3, the scent popped Irritator G2 and Amargasaurus. I tap on Irritator G2 and then exit without darting. And lo and behold! Irritator G2 has turned into Monolophosaurus G2! (17 September at approximately 18:21 to 18:22 Bucharest time)

So what exactly did you fix? You can still reroll scents, but mostly to the player’s own detriment (as it has always been even before the “fix”). The only thing you did was remove the ability to lure park spawns, probably because now park spawns are too good now that Wuerhosaurus, Carbonemys, and Tenontosaurus are all park spawns.


Can confirm this as it also happened to me with both an 5 minute scent and the charger scent.


utter rubbish that ludia got rid of park spawns in the first place. Even more-so now that they havent even fixed that reroll bug

There was always 3 different types of “rerolling” spawns.

  1. Worked in parks, park spawn rerolled into a local spawn with the same rarity.
  2. Worked everywhere, spawn could change rarity.
  3. This one involved change of the time of day.

#1 was easy to do. #2 I haven’t been able to consistently trigger myself, it happened randomly and very rarely for me. But I know people who have.

Not sure whether after the change #1 works differently or whether you could trigger #2.

As a silver lining: at least there’s something in the game one can’t simply buy and actually has to work for now. Even though having a single dino that normal players can compete in infuriates people with nothing but their wallet behind them, lol. Apparently buying an ~x10 epic spawnrate while also darting each for 30% extra time is what they call “grinding” :man_facepalming:

They can simply buy incubators. No darting involved.
As for myself, I never spent a penny on the game. I fought for the theropod scent. And the rares I’d buy were either from daily stuff + supply drops (which take a lot of collecting to produce 200 HC every 2 days) or from tournaments.

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Thanks for reporting the issue to us, Detonatress. Our team is currently looking into this.

I’m curious to see your payment history. You seem to have a lot of boosts for someone who doesn’t pay anything. Let’s see it, if you don’t mind. I’m curious who is actually practicing what they preach.

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A single T7 among all atk/hp is a lot of boosts? Lol

Here’s my last 90 days, 3 free apps:

Here’s the year page with my second and last vip from January, there are a lot of free apps that don’t fit on one screen. I can make a bunch of overlapping screenshots and upload them somewhere if you insist, don’t want to clutter this thread.

Thanks for sharing. Just had to ask since this forum is full of lies and hypocrisy.

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I was kind of thinking last night maybe Ludia is hiding behind another lie (like they do) to keep smilonemys from being bought, and L30’s at 7/7/7 showing up in a few days. Instead they are trying to make a dino that everyone actually has to work for.

If that’s the case -

  1. I applaud them for that.
  2. Just tell us.

And I don’t even have a card tied to my account.

Except they nerfed it so it’s not even that good anymore.

I was just curious about him because he speaks so loudly and constantly against people spending any money, yet he has a t8 speed Magna.

I can actually believe a T8 speed magna with how many speed boosts I have collected over time just from DBI and the challenges. I currently have 318 speeds set aside waiting for my next monster in the making: Erlikospyx. I still need to get my ErlikoG2 to lvl 20 first. And the rest of the speeds have been used to take a Kapro to T6 and Erlidom to T6. Plus a T4 on a Purutaurus (I regret that one because it got a hybrid fast) and a T1 on smilodon for the tournament (I regret this one even more).

Anyone could. Just by being methodic, not wasting boosts on dinos you don’t use and taking advantage of all the free resources we have at hand (they aren’t many, but we can safe for long periods).

End of offtopic

Coming back to the issue, yes the issue with rerolling dinos has not been fixed.
The only measure Ludia took was removing parks. Park spawns are so scarce, that they almost do not exist.
The only way to get park spawns in previous versions was using scents. Technically, parks have been removed from the game.


thats a huge measure!! especially with the new turtle being a park spawner.

Even without tapjoy there are tournaments, daily links and supply drops that give a decent amount of cash, so buying speed boosts isn’t too hard, there aren’t as many for sale as atk/hp. Also IIRC Ludia dropped a pile of cash on everyone during the first boost rollback (when speed boosts were nerfed) that can last a long while considering you also do some of the above.



As a free player using reward links, in game cash rewards, alliance benefits, tourneys, etc… (not tap joy because iPhone) I manage to rack up at least 500 cash/week to which I always use for speed boosts. I had the option to tier 8 my tryostronix over the weekend but decided to spread it around instead.

I wasn’t questioning it anymore after your other post. Of course anyone could have a t8 dino. I have it too. It’s usually not the free players that have that stuff though so i had to ask. I know all about planning things properly. Its how i have the things i have.


What makes you think park exclusive incubators aren’t going to pop up soon? For now, yeah it takes dedication. Wait till those exclusive incubators come and then the ftp will be screwed with no way of even using epic scents in parks to help catch up.

Besides not everyone buys an epic scent, you can get them in the strikes. I got an epic incubator on the rare incubator strike this week for example. I would easily take it to the park if it worked.

They need to fix it now! But I assume exclusive incubators will hit first.