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Park scent reroll bug still active for ALL scents. You can't explain this

Strikes are my only source of epic scents, since no way I’m going to use 1k cash on one capsule when rares also attract epics anyway. Even when they gave thousands of free HC, I still chose to spend it all on rare capsules and got a few epics and a ton of rares with them.

Sadly, they probably will =(

In a perfect world where I’d have some guarantee everything is going to stay the way it is, I’d be living in parks right now to show 'em (and myself) who’s boss in matters that involve only playing the game, not paying the game.

I wish parks around my area had more spawns. There are 6 spawns, all scattered around, and most of them will spawn crocs all day. A few days ago I was lucky to find 2 tenontos and 2 wuerhos. I wish I had reached that turtle but had no way of telling when it would despawn. Don’t spawns last 15 minutes? It seemed to have despawned way faster.

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Anyone who has Carbomemys.abive lvl 15 is cheating and a spoofer. The thing is non-existent in parks.

Pff, nonsense. Sometimes you are just lucky and sometimes there is so much park available that you can run into multiple per day. And then there’s sanctuaries.

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Mine is L15 and would be nearly L16 if I hadn’t started fusing the first unique; combo of FIPing two in a 3 alliance shared sanctuary which is now L20 and staying in/near a park this weekend - 4 wild ones, very easy to dart.


Clearly a hacker! You h4x0r3d your way into the databases and spoofed the googles!

Haha - that screenshot is from the Eden Project in Cornwall - we stayed on the North Cornwall coast - the whole coastline is a park :slight_smile:


This is going to be such a grind - an event exclusive and a park bound epic … cheers Ludia :weary:

Then once created I will need to take the Carbo to L20 for the other hybrid … and I thought Gemini was a tough ask …


not only a T8 magna but another T8 utari

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There will be events and other ways to obtain it I’m sure, but probably not as soon as everyone likes. Just hope they would fix park scents, that way we have some control over it at least.

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If only we didn’t have Miragaia season still there…

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And mine is still hidden.I haven’t encountered with it yet.

Yes, that’s right, thank you :blush:

You seriously wanna prove your ‘point’ by going homeless on a park? Why you hate people who buy in game stuff? Its just business and people enjoy the game in different ways. Some people pay more money, some spend more time and some enjoy the game by just casually playing…Honestly, you might be proving your ‘point’ too hard.

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Wow, someone needs to take things a little less literal. It’s a figure of speech, man. There are people more dedicated than I am, including some in your alliance who I have great respect for. It’s not unnatural to promote, respect and show dedication on a game forum, calm down.

I also don’t think I’ve said I hated anyone, but I’m surely feeling the hate from dudes who can’t stand a single dino not being buyable for a little while.

Dude… You’re the one who’s full of hate. All you do is gripe about people who want to play the game at a more accelerated pace than you. So what if people want to use scents to get the turtle. Scents are part of the game. If the stupid thing would spawn in the wild normally, no one would want scents for it. All you do is hate on people just because they support a game that you apparently leach off of. Get a grip and take a look at yourself for once. Whine whine whine. Sheesh.

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dude you have no clue what you are talking about.

Now I am the one who needs to calm down lmao

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Let’s try to keep this on topic, shall we?