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Park spawns are jacked


I need Stegos and have spent the last 3 days camping a park to find them. I am literally finding 2x more G2 Rex and Ornitho then I am finding Stegos.

That’s pretty messed up imo. Both are rare spawns and neither of them are park spawns. Why is this happening?

How can rare global spawns outnumber common dino spawns, in their own exclusive zone?


I have been running scents in the parks for weeks to find Dilo Gen2 and on a 20 minutes scent getting double spawns almost every time, I get 1 maybe 2 Dilo Gen2 and the same Stegos. The parks spawn way to many commons (10 I think) it makes it a drag.

I am lucky living where I live with over 30 miles of drivable parks and I hate it. I can only imagine those who live in smaller locals.


Agreed! To go out, spend time and gas money to come home empty handed is really frustrating. The 5 min scents worked for me to get a few the other evening. Dilo 2 is what many in my alliance are requesting and I have only seen a couple. The park only spawns need to be reconsidered.

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The problem with the park only spawns is the pool of potential spawns is way to big to make hunting for them effective. You got so many commons and some like stegosaur and dilo gen 2 seem way more rare then some of the other commons.


I have a very small park near me and the only natural spawn I see is Stego. If I’m wanting anything else I have to use scents.

What really sucks is that I’m currently needing park exclusive epics, but I refuse to spend thousands of bucks on the epic scents. So it’s going to be a slow crawl with the scents I win in the strike towers.

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